Saturday, May 30, 2015

Legend VS Anime

This week mark the second week of my study semester. Taking a few subject which are not that tough but heavy workload, so while I am still free, I should make use of this time to do some blogging. Blog post is just like my diary, so I am trying to blog about my insight also interesting event that happen around me :) .

As for this week, the subject that I currently having interest is World Literature. Some of my friends told me I gonna go through hell because it sounds interesting but it is actually not, so somewhere back in my mind thinking that [ Yea... maybe that is truth... I like the class for NOW... just for now] hahaha~ But is interesting once I related it to anime! Our lecturer gave summary about the legends and we will read the full story in later times.

Legends like Gilgamesh, Duecalion, Odyssy, Noah and so on. Doesn't it sounds like character name in anime?? Hehehe.. yea I totally related them to anime and I had fun fantasizing in class :D












( Etrain Odyssey)





(Homer Peron)




This is how I relate them to anime haha. Once you found out how to link them with things you like, those subject you don't like or no interest in will seem more interesting compare to what you think it is before :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pedal Hard for Anime

Whooozz~ Time really flies like nobody's business, my semester is finally coming to an end and today is my last day of holiday. This semester has treated me well and I feel more complete because everyday there is things for me to do and I barely even have time to do nothing! So as for today post I gonna share my views of the anime that I watched during my semester break!

* Beware Spoilers ahead!

1st Yowamushi Pedal

The best anime anime I watched during my break! I pedal hard for 4 days to complete this anime series!! Every episode is full of humor and I personally think that it has a good story plot and also a great ending! (Thanks to Hanie my best friend who introduced it to me) I knew this anime for quite sometimes but thanks to Maki-chan, because he has the weirdest look and the weirdest hair color and it didn't hit me to watch it. But things changed after I watched it! I love him and so do Hanie hahahaha!! He is the first long hair guy I ever had interest to.

After watching this anime I can never look at bicycle the same way again~!! One day I found a foreign riding a road racer and I straight away go: Nyaaahhh~ Is a blonde with ROAD RACER! It change my perspective and my urge to cycle somehow came back to me, and I regretted that I have gave my bicycle to my cousins. Because of Onoda Hime Paaawaa~ I enjoyed every single episode and each and everyone of them have their specialties and also "their pass issues" ( Which made them who they are.) 

I truly recommend this anime if anyone of you are interested in watching anime! Since summer is coming soon, you might wanna hit outdoor after watching it~! :3

2nd Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Tomoe~ Tomoe~ Yes~ Tomoe is my favorite chara in Kamisama Hajimemashita! And followed my Mizuki~! I don't mind having them as my divined even they hit me and humiliated me lololol! They are such cutie and they do theit job well. Muzuki will satisfied me with premium sake and Tomoe can  fill my space during my study hours~ How I wish they were real sometimes :3 .Of course, there is always the dark place somewhere in my heart hoped that Nanami wouldn't marry Tomoe in future, because I really really like Tomoe and just wanted Nanami to leave him alone ( tho he's gonna be lonely).  This anime is good too~ For those who go for handsome bishies and also sweet love, this anime is for you!

3rd Aldnoah Zero 

Sci-fi, mecha anime with two hotties fight each other for the end of war. Inaho and Slaine~ are striving hard to fight each other for the Princess (which I didn't care much of her). THEY ARE NOT MEND TO FIGHT EACH OTHER!!! They are good boys after all D: I feel sad when Slaine was kept in the prison and have to pretend that he's dead.... Is not a good ending for Slaine and Inaho took out his catalytic engine which he only left one eye... But should thank god that at least he's alive in the end since I fear that the ending would be like Kakumeiki Valvrave, where all the handsome I like died. This anime is not bad either, but since it is not mainstream so not many had watch it.

Yup~ So these are the few anime I watched during my three week break, hope you guys could share your insight with me if you do watched or you attempt to watch it hehe~ 

And here is my Bloglovin as some people requested me to have one hehe~

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Interest: Selfshot

Hey guys Angel is back on her blog again haha~ Yup, recently I develop a new self interest of taking self shot. It seems interesting because firstly I am never good in taking self shot and I would take plenty of shot just to get one right. Seeing other Instagramers took their selfie inspired me, they made me go like " They are good with their face and angle" ( Yes I wanna be like them self confidence, and be artistic with own self features ). Yes, so just recently I started to do self shot. Trying to do different poses to bring out different style~

This is one of the self shot I take after I finish my Grade 8 ballet exam ohohoho~

Together with my childhood friend~ We have been dancing and playing crazy together for 16 years~ Talk about getting old, those golden happy times pass by amazingly fast.

My group for my exam, realized what is our common? (Yes/No?)
Common 1: We're around the same height
Common 2: We're around the same size
Common 3: We're cute..? (LOL)

Grade 8 ballet exam participants . Full of smiles, and pray for good results. :P

This is a self shot I did a month ago, as one of my friend request me to selfie.

Yes, from this self shot onward I being to develop interest in selfshot. (Haku inspired) 

And just today, I realized that I have one side dimple after one of my relative told me. I never ever thought that the weird hole there on my face was a dimple these whole time because my knowledge of dimples is... They always come in pairs. LOL. 

Not only that, today I finally cut out my "dry weeds" (which were the bottom part of my hair). They were dry and many tangles, so I decided to cut them off so that my hair will look more healthy. I did my fringe too, and it makes me feel like I am a protagonist in a game ohoho ( Fringe by covering one side of my eyes) 

So for my conclusion, I started to like taking selfshot and I will continue to do more of it along with my cosplay too hehe~

Can follow my :-

For my Cosplay: 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Semester Break = My Life is Coming Back

Once again, I am back after my semester break. Long semester take up most of my time because of heavy assignments and barely have things to inspired me to blog. Ok, since no I have my holiday for one month, I did a listing of things that I have to accomplish before my next semester comes.

- First is of course WATCH ALL MY LISTED ANIME! (I am a Otaku after all)
- Need to do water color painting of my OC and also brainstorm on the story that was based on my dream hurhurhur~ :3
- Yes, brush my my Japanese skills and work more on my grammar. I passed my N3 JLPT test and I am trying my best to study till N2. Is not easy since I am not fully utilizing Japanese here in Malaysia and over here, barely have people speaks Japanese with me other than my sensei and my one and only senpai. ( After my Densya (Train) incident, I am so embarrassed of making the same mistake again, because people here give weird stare to whatever you do)
- Then also do some serving online to look for more otome game and otome game picture ( which I would recommend Tumblr hehehe~)

Not only that, today I finally start playing Touken Ranbu with my bestie Hanie hehe~ The art is so nice and the guys in there are hot!!!!! BIESHIE EVERYWHERE!!!!! I did hours of cracking in and almost lose hope of playing it, and guess what? When I finally able to went in, they noticed me saying that the page is on maintenance.....

So after few hours of waiting finally it works and tadddaaaa~~~!!! I choose Kashuu Kiyomitsu! I had dilemma between Kashuu and Mutsunokami cause the both of them are my type~~~ Such a cute shota~ I hope this game will continue to surprise me~!

So one month break feels short when I realized that I have so many things to accomplish. Hope I accomplish all my to-do-list and start my fresh new semester with no regrets :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


This will mark the first post I did for the year 2015. Year 2014 had gave me a lot of wonderful moment and also lesson to become a greater person which I hope that 2015 would give me the same. Last year a few things had came in touch to my life, example The Sims 3, photoshop, boyfriend, long lost friend, cosplay :3 and LOL(League Of Legend) !!!!

I am still learning how to use photoshop as their function is pretty complicated, but still it will never stop me from using it. When the creative part of me strikes, The Sims 3 is one of my bestie~ I build pretty houses for my own chara and I am pretty proud of it. Few days ago my laptop started to betray me, he has been lagging like his own business ( My laptop is a he btw haha) and I had hard time doing a lot of things with it especially when comes to Sims 3 and LOL.. D: I trying to ask my friend to fix it for me and I wish that Mr. Laptop get well ASAP!!!

Yup, I started to mingle myself more in cosplay because it actually getting addictive! It gonna cost more for me in future as I would start buying a lot of stuff for my cosplay. Cosplay actually takes up amount of money and also time, but with the work of good planning and good "money management", I think everything gonna work out well. I did Mikoto Mikasa and Naruto Girl last year during Comic Fiesta. It was a success and I am very happy with the outcome of my outfit.

My Bestie Hanie did a mini photoshoot for me and I had fun playing with her big big reflector and also doing weird weird pose. It was another great experience working with her hehe~

Two of her take that I like the most~ Thanks Hanie once again! I am really really grateful to her that she takes the trouble to help me take photo even though she is in her cosplay outfit. I tried to help her take a few shot for her pretty cosplay but!!! I failed and I am ashamed of myself looollll! I have to start learning the angles haha. 

Here is my WorldCosplay Account :
Feel free to follow me and look for the updates of my cosplay~ 

Here da selfie I took with my phone on Comic Fiesta~~

Hanie with her Spirit Away - Chihiro cos

My college friend Joey

Me and Ashe!!!!!!

The senpai that always spot me no matter which convention!

Day 2 Joey in Mavis cos from Fairy tail

Hanie as my photographer of the day

Comic Fiesta day 2 ended

Moving on to one of the big event of the year. Ballet dance concert. Together with my dance buddies we had been practicing for 2 months and had lot of noises every class. We get to know each other better instead of just knowing each other's existence! 

The concert was a success and we all had a great time! 

My 2014 ended with tons of surprises and also happiness~ Thanks 2014. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Basic Tips to Shoo Your Pimples Away

I get it, is actually pretty stressful when you see pimple keeps popping out one after another. Is hard to look good when it just keep coming out, we tends to put more make ups to cover it but it eventually makes it worst. So why not get back to basic and try to protect our skin. Here is a video I found in Youtube and hope that you can get a little idea on the reason pimples pop out. (p.s I don't owe the video).

The tips that many people mention to me was 

1) Obviously make sure to keep you face super clean. Well.... not really have to be super clean but make sure is clean :D 


* It is important to wash your face because it helps in removing the impurities and extra oil from the surface of the skin. Cold water is encourage to be use while washing your pretty face as hot water will trigger the acne. 

2) MUST hold your urge and keep your fingers away from the pimples.


* Yes we always wanted to get rid of it once that fellow pops out, but if we didn't clear it out properly, it could get infected which = more pimples, darker scar and longer time to heal.

3) Watch where your hair going


* Your hair could provoke and irritate your pimple if they are sticking all over your face. Oily hair will burden your face with more oil, so wash regular and keep excessive oil away from your face.

4) Eat healthy people! 


* Fresh fruit and vegetable could really save your face. Junk foods tempt us easily but for the sake of pimple free face, it really worth for trying.

5) You need your sleep, so sleep early peeps~


* Sleep help in reducing the number of your pimple and also your stress! So don't feel bad that you didn't accomplish anything due to sleep in early. You will definitely be grateful once you start seeing changes in yourself! :)

These are very.... super simple tips that I know to PREVENT pimples but not eliminate them in a short amount of time! Although all of them were considered as common sense, but most of us had forgotten the basic and we tend to apply many more chemicals on our face so that we could get our desire results fast. 

I hope my tips helps and hope you have a pimple free skin~ :D

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gonna Be Foods

Hey there~! Today is the last day of November and I this post going to be all about the food! Lately there have been lots of concept cafes and restaurants opening in the mall, which made many people go crazy and try for it. Consider myself one of the outdated ones, I only tried them recently together with my friends.


The setting itself was actually pretty romantic and I was shocked that I was brought to such place to have a luxury dinner. Worried about my wallet and afraid to step in there we turn out to have a wonderful dinner and  birthday celebration in there. We had a a very big piece of beef and mashed potato and vegetable as side dish.

As for the finale, we had warm sticky date pudding on hot butterscotch sauce as a surprise for the birthday boy! It was indeed a great experience having meal over there and I super enjoyed it! (Cries and stare blankly at my wallet).

Next, Nana's Green Tea

Nana's Green Tea is on business for quite some times but I just tried it like two days ago. Fail to have Magnum and Milkcow a few of my friends decided to have our tea time in Nana's Green Tea. This cute little cafe definitely fills their menu with lots of macha desserts and drinks. I'm not sure about the name, but the imagine down there were what we ordered that day.  

Maybe is just me, I don't really enjoy these two parfait as the macha taste is too strong and I barely taste other flavor. I personally don't think they are sweet but I think that will be my last visit there as their dessert didn't really fascinate me. This is my personal opinion  based on Nana's Green Tea, but  is definitely  a great spot for macha lovers! 

Moving on, Tim Ho Wan

A new dim sum place opposite the water fountain at The Gardens. If I am not mistaken, that day was their grand opening when I went to Tim Ho Wan with my boyfriend. I spotted the queue was very long during lunch hour and not so much during the early evening. We went in without queuing because the time we went for it was around 5pm. The best time to go in as it is too late for tea time and too early for dinner, but we 
went in anyway. 

For couple I think that we ordered too much, we ordered 9 items and each of them had 3 pieces with it. Stuffing in our food and sitting in there for quite some times, I swear that I will never go greedy on food anymore! ( But I am not the one ordering it!!) The dim sum were nice and I think after this post I should really start to lose some of those fat as for my preparation of COMIC FIESTA!