Tuesday, April 20, 2010


the present that carynn give me
tis is the one that i eat
tis is my b'day cake (OPERA CAKE)

it been a long time that i am not bloging haha. Neko gonna kill me hehe.

1. well as u can see my birthday had passed about 2 weeks it been a busy week that i dun even have time to bloging!!!!!!

2. my aunt's sons had hurt his leg and went to hospital for operation cause the bone crack i think so....... well it took us long time to search for his home like about 1 hours. The address for puchong is so messy we can't even know the exactly area!!!! and that time i am starving !!!!!

3. wen jian b'day well i didn't gave him any present but ally gave him a naruto figurine is so cute haha i think ky li is jealous at that (^.^)/

4.last thursday is sport selection it is a hot day!!! we use sri permaisuri skul's feild!!! well i did quite well in running but i didn't anyting for long jump cause teacher tell us that if u wanna try then go a head but u know falling down is so embarrassing!!!!! and i had gone darker my neck and my arm are darker...... sob.......... that skul feild dun even have a shed for us like those teacher can sit under the air-conditioner room and we pity student have to sit under the hot sun!!!!! SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! thank for them i had gone darker!!!

5. aiyo tommrow have to face mrs x five period summore..... can day be even worse~~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Perfect KLCC Trip With My Pals!!!!!

i bought this manga at kinokuniya is quiet nice anyway
bought this at "ACCESSORIZE"
this at Miss Whatever
this white earing at AXXEZZ
this is the most precious thing to me Sasure and Kipon bought it as my B'day Present i am so touch T~T!!!!

yesterday i went klcc with Sasure,Kipon,Neko, and Neko cousin. That is so cool i bought a lot of stuff. First we went kinokuniya after that we have a walk around the shop. Next we went Madam Kuan to eat our lunch.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Mendo Shopping Trip

at first hanie and her cousin are going to klcc and then i tell my mom that i wan to klcc too.

Pink cheesecake- told me that she wan to go too but till the end her mom not allow.

Sasure- at first she wan to go but no transport, now me "tenshi" is going to her house to fetch her.

Kipon- can go but no transport need sum one to take her

Neko- go by lrt and wif her cousin sister.

Andrea-not sure but wan to go .

this is the worse planing EVER!!!!!