Tuesday, April 20, 2010


the present that carynn give me
tis is the one that i eat
tis is my b'day cake (OPERA CAKE)

it been a long time that i am not bloging haha. Neko gonna kill me hehe.

1. well as u can see my birthday had passed about 2 weeks it been a busy week that i dun even have time to bloging!!!!!!

2. my aunt's sons had hurt his leg and went to hospital for operation cause the bone crack i think so....... well it took us long time to search for his home like about 1 hours. The address for puchong is so messy we can't even know the exactly area!!!! and that time i am starving !!!!!

3. wen jian b'day well i didn't gave him any present but ally gave him a naruto figurine is so cute haha i think ky li is jealous at that (^.^)/

4.last thursday is sport selection it is a hot day!!! we use sri permaisuri skul's feild!!! well i did quite well in running but i didn't anyting for long jump cause teacher tell us that if u wanna try then go a head but u know falling down is so embarrassing!!!!! and i had gone darker my neck and my arm are darker...... sob.......... that skul feild dun even have a shed for us like those teacher can sit under the air-conditioner room and we pity student have to sit under the hot sun!!!!! SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! thank for them i had gone darker!!!

5. aiyo tommrow have to face mrs x five period summore..... can day be even worse~~

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