Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is the stupid bag that cost so much!!!!
haha my nanoha collection was finally finished
that one is shakugan no shana
well got discount so i bought it (>.<)/
yup food and snack is the most important stuff in my life
all tis Japanese food
my sister panda strawberry
tis is a bit special only some of the season
only u can but
tasty seaweed!!
free calendar at teddy tales

haha this what i call a girl always is a girl
special container oni in cheap prize!!
A perfect note that i bought at MPH
teddy tales rock cute bunny design pen
greedy carynn eating haha!!
as u can see a table full of food haha!!!

i enjoyed my trip that day

wait for the next post k!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


skul sports day is over........

exam is coming......

i have to work hard to achieve a good result so that i can the stuff that i wanted for a long time. Study is easy for somebody but i am the one who think that exam is so troublesome. It gonna spent all my precious time for books.

the books that i don't like......

now i already spent less time on my computer and that is why i so long only upload one blog......

student life......

you have to admit that there are a lot of homeworks to do example:



~school revision work

not only that

~ MRS PARAM lighting test
this give me a lot of stress cause the maximum point that i can get for this test is only 8
well it is not a bad result cause is over 10....... but like some greedy person like me would wanted to get full marks u know........

Saturday, May 1, 2010


this is the blog that i blog in ipoh well i use my cousin laptop haha

now a days ipohmight be boring well if there is no computers or any games for me to play
well at ipoh my family, my cousin went to see show house the house is so huge and th design is similar like my new house cool rite.

i wanted to take some photo well the person in charge not allow us to take photo well all of u can oni try to inmagine how the house looks like.

well in ipoh not oni fun there is aso mission that i will not tell you all haha well i will have to cut my hair and then i will win the car racing in the ps hahahahaha