Sunday, November 28, 2010



かわいい の うさぎ てんし も かえりました!!!!!!!

i been a long time tat i haven't show up myself hehe

neko-chan i am back...


nothing much to blog
but this year there were a lot of activities you know

i just finish my trip to penang

then i next week later i went back to my hometown

and then i spend almost 1 week over there and it was totally boring!!!!

then there was a wonderful canteen day

our club the ART SOCIETY was having a JCC Cafe....

JSS mean :Japanese Cultural Cafe... which is also mean Japanese Cosplay Cafe..

not only that a dance day camp was also held just this week...

it was wonderful but there was a section which was very horrible!!!!

today is the last day for the comic convention at The Mines Shopping Mall

you know i even saw someone cosplay over there it was wonderful!!

and this coming December the Comic Fiesta is coming even tough i am not going to cosplay...

well this year only wearing lolita outfit then next year i will see about that

erm... maybe

1. Shakugan No Shana- (Shana)

2. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha- (Fate)

ermm... yup that is just a planning...

well today's blog had come to an end hehe


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