Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comic Fiesta Day Photo n Christmas

i am not blogging for like......

1 week i guess....

due to the internet crash i cannot blog.....

well even thought Comic Fiesta had pass but

i still wanna share some of the photo that i took that day......

well this are some only....

if u wanna look more go to this website!

it is very blur.....cause there were many people so i cannot

take the picture well... sorry!!!

dark Saber!!
well my senpai is cosplaying
a character from
Dunno wad cosplay..
My friend
a character from BakaTest

Kyaa!!!! Vampire Knight!

well now as for the Christmas.....

this year i only have 2 Christmas present!!!

so sad!

well at lease i got those present from my dear best friend hehe

i got a hand made Neko Mimi from Neko-chan

and a mug from a friend at my Art Studio!!!

all i can say is this year Christmas is so quiet...

every year there will be a lot of people cerebrate..

this year is so few..

anyway i wasn't that enjoyed my Christmas!!!!

おわり ~うさ~

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