Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Trip To Korea!

i come back form this amazing country- Korea!

but i think i don't survive there long

due to the atmosphere

over there the air was so dry

both of my leg end up like snake skin

but still is was AMAZING!!!!

at Korea i barely eat oily food

that is why my pimple is getting lesser

over there lunch and dinner

normally BBQ or steamboat

everyone might thought BBQ is oily

but in Korea they don't put oil in it

the meat itself already has fats

they use the fats as oil

that is why is the food over there are healthy

but we're Malaysian.....

we like food with strong taste

that is why my cousins keep on complaining that

the food over there were tasteless


here are some photo

My Day 1

waiting for the train....

and here is my room

everyone's room were different in design

i think that my room design were quite weird

only my room has bath tub

my cousin were complaining that time

and here is the dressing table

they got everything u need

hair spray, toner, cotton buds, cotton, body lotion.... and more

me and my aunt's cup noodles (for supper)


Day 2


i am there to witness the first day of snow in Korea!

can u see the tiny white thingi over there

they are SNOW!!!!

my first time seeing SNOW

cause all i can see in Malaysia is rain...

after that visit to this palace where the King stayed last time



then visit the place where the famous Korean drama- Winter Sonata was filmed

the scenery over there were so beautiful

this ostrich made the Korean student get crazy

it escape from the ostrich farm and drive people crazy

funny TOILART hahaha

the weather over there was -18°C

yet i am still eating ice-cream over there

normally in Malaysia parent will say you waste for not eating all the ice-cream

because it melt right?

but eating ice-cream in Korea is not wasting

because it wont melt....... i have been holding the ice-cream for half an hour

it still in one piece hahaha!

the ice-cream over there was cheap and nice!

My Dinner! Steamboat- (vegetable steamboat)

night time check into a ski resort


i always wanted to drink this!

because my favorite idol drank it before

so i always wanted to try it!

very nice! rich in taste hahah anyone who is going to Korea

should try this!

haha lastly camwhore me drinking banana milk

that's for today i will post my other days in Korea in my next post!

My Blog Mascot

finally i am here to preview my blog mascot


creating a mascot is very troublesome

i have been thinking all kind of character

but still....

Usa-chan Bio data

Name: Tenshi Usa

Age: Unknown

Personality: CUTE!

not only that

she is pimple free!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SNSD - Gee (Orchestra Ver.)

i think this is my first time hearing orchestra playing

idol's song. that is so amazing!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Trial- Purikura With Timer!


みんな お げんき です か?(minna o genki desu ka?)


so fast we have come to December

it was a great day on 1st of December!

i started my first day on December in Hanie's house!

because i am rushing to finish my cosplay props!

it was a great help!

Hanie is so amazing!

well....... the truth is.....

i didn't help much... (=.=)

well she did explained to me

but still i don't really understand what

she is trying to say hahaha....

so i guess she end up helping me to the the cosplay props....

but now the problem is... i have to make the

armor for my shoes and my gloves....

i don't really have much time because

after i come back for my trip i still left 3 days before


it is so rushing now

but still i don't have the feeling to do my

armor for my cosplay....

urgh why must my cosplay must be so many armor


come back to the purikura

well it was fun!

this is my first time

playing a purikura with timer!

well the fist shoot is quite shocking because i don't know the was a timer

hahaha the picture came out in a funny face

but is okay

cause Hanie and i were having fun so

it worth it.

i can't wait for my second trial hahaha

i think i get addicted with it already!

today i am just too lazy to post up the picture

well maybe next time hahaha

note: if i am not lazy!

じゃ、 きょう は ここ まで です! おやすみ ぴょん!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Third Day Of My Holiday


or should i say is been a while again?

i kinda get bored with that opening again

because i don't really blog a lot...

and i don't know what to blog about anyway

i guess i will just talk about my holiday life

as you can see Ky Li's blog and Hanie's blog,

they had already talk about the photo shoot thingi

to tell you the truth i am just lazy to blog about it..

well it was a success photo shooting

but our "manager" blame us for not informing her haha

she said that our photo shooting skill had LEVEL UP!

(>u<) i am so happy to heard that!

she even give us some point

we really appreciate that!!!

Ky Li even made a video for our photo shooting

it was quite nice

here is the link for the video

well about my holiday........

actually nothing special

i just spend the 3 day for the ballet rehearsal

it was very tiring... thank goodness today is the last day

everyday 4 hours of rehearsal.... and just 15 minute of break..

and don't know when we gonna rehearsal again..

that is why i couldn't know give u the exact time!!! Hanie-sama!!!

i feel sorry.... because she is the one who is waiting for the reply


i wonder how the idols survive for more than 8 hours of rehearsal...

here are some photo shooting's photo

just me only

that is for today!!!!!!!!

owari pyon pyon~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Already??!


is been a while again

my blog now is

fill with algae and mushroom.....

i feel like i am just back from a long long vacation!

Finally October had finished...

means my exam are over too

hahha at lease i pass all the subject

except for history

haha i hate history

well i end my October

with Hanie and Kyli by going a trip

around the heart of KL

is was so tiring but it was fun

even thought i end up with sick

due to my weak digestive problem......

here are some photo

first we went time square

Hanie wanted to eat ice-cream

so we end up eating ice-cream

and here are some picture that we took

in Times Square!!

time time we didn't take much picture

becasue we were so busy eating, chatting, and crossing

the busy busy road....

yup today's post had comes to an ending haha

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My 100 Blog Post!!!!

is been a while again!

hahaha almost like 3 week already.

my exam is just around the corner...

is very tiring

actually i didn't blog for 3 week

is not because i am busy is just

i don't know what to blog.

well for my 100 post i plan to post up my own



not only that

one of our friend had open a facebook page

to sell her cupcakes!

if i am not wrong is call



not only that

after the stupid exam we'll be start

focusing on our photo shooting

and cosplay plan!!!!

i can't wait till then


Friday, September 23, 2011

My Favorite Popteen Model!

if i am not wrong

this is the first time i post up

something on blog during

the afternoon..

well is quite hot over here (my house)


so far is my favorite fashion magazine!

not only about fashion inside there

they also tell us about make up magic!


i always get addict at somethings very easily... (^u^")

in Popteen there were a lot of beautiful model

my favorite is

Izouka Misaki

well i don't know why i just like here more than others haha

other Popteen model also very cute and beautiful

but still


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Cosplay Plan!!!


this year comic fiesta i am going to COSPLAY!

hahaha i had waited long for this cosplay plan

i am going to cosplay Fate

from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha!

i am not doing the adult version

this is because i am not enough tall......

and there are also a lot of reason..

i hope it will success for this time!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gothic Lolita Photo Shoot

yup as promise, i am going to

post the lolita post today!

well some might not be pretty so please bear with it


the date also....

cause Ky Li said that she could not delete it..

so.... please bear with it also

hahaha i kinda like like this!!!


WAI!!!!! i am so happy that i finally post up this post hahaha!!!