Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 Bye-bye 2010!!!

well the New Year is just today!!!

well is gonna end for another 2 hours!!

to me New Year makes me remember of my past....

every New Year means you gonna start your new life but in different level...

it is kinda sad....

those time i past with my friend and family is end for that year.

A New Year mean i have to start my new life with my family and friend!!!

i still wanna go shopping with my friend just like last year!!

i wanna become a pro dancer!! that is of course!

not only that i wanna be as best as possible hahaha

sometime is greddy

but to be me I MUST BE GREDDY!!


okay...due to i cannot use my japanese keyboard...

hai hai kyo wa owari ~usa~

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