Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hetalia Cosplay!

Hahaha i just came back form Leisure Mall and i smell like popcorn.....

beside that chating with Neko and doing homework in the same time!

i am looking those image of Hetalia cosplay...

a lot of them looking weird

and some of them doesn't match at all...


hahaha let me show u some image

at lease i think these is not bad..

Belarus and Russia
Hungary and someone i don't really know what character
this also the same..
looks a bit Gothic....
American eating burger

and only that Belarus

well the one who cosplay Belarus looks quite pretty to me haha!

ok that it for today!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Aya Hirano


Belarus was just asking me when am i gonna update my blog....

well the answer is now!!

erm after what Neko had told me that how good is Aya Hirano...

i actually did a Google search on her!!

she is so amazing she can change so many voice

you will never know who is the voice actress...

i watch quite a lot of anime...

all the anime character voice sound different

but actually came from the same voice actress

she voice actress as

Macross Frontier (Mina Roshan, Nene Rora)

Kimi ni Todoke (Ume Kurumizawa)

White Album (Yuki Morikawa)

Black Butler II (Hannah Anafeloz)

these are some of the example......

she is also a singer!

i didn't heard her song before..

maybe after my exam i go check on her song haha

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gakuen CNY Celebration

Tenshi is blogging now!!!!!!

hmmm... what am i gonna blog about today......????

well... yesterday was my school Chinese New Year Celebration...

*Belarus= Ky Li
*Spain= Ally
*Seychelles= Myself

Ok then....

yesterday Ukraine she was absent because she say that the Chinese New Year Celebration

is going to be boring...

well that is true!

well ME and BELARUS get the privilege for not attending our class

while Taiwan and Spain was studying hard in the class room!
ME and BELARUS was sitting upstairs looking for the rehearsal...

it was terrible!!!

well there was band.. umbrella dance.... someone playing piano.....solo singing...

and more!

of course Belarus and Spain take part in the orchestra!!

but both of them miss the rehearsal..too bad

the solo singing from our class is terrible!!!!!!!

she sings until loss tracked!!!

high tune...cannot

lower tune... also cannot

we would like to tell her that she sing badly

but someone say if you say it to her she will cry!!!

haiz...... that is why i get annoy by her!!!

in class she act like she know how to sing.....

she keep on saying other people that

"you don't know how to sing Do Re Mi you still wanna sing "

and what am i thinking is

"aiyo u think you very good meh you also don't know how to sing well still complain other people"

ok come back to the CNY celebration..

the Mask Changing was sugoi!!!

well maybe our school pay less money that is why that guy change so few mask haha

Urm.. the lion dance was not bad also

Belarus was totally out of her character!!!!

she kept on shouting because there was this little cute guy is dancing lion dance...


not only that there was also some accident happen is that the

lion cannot eat the cabbage because someone just tie a dead knot instead of the alive knot haha!!!

yup that it for today!!!

みん おやすみ ~うさ~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tarian Payung

Attention who is in kebudayaan club

please check both of these video kay~

o kebudayaan club which is in my group kay~

Hillgrove Malay Dance (Tarian Payung)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gakuen Tantei Q


Tenshi here

well after watching Hello baby i feel so sad.....

the ending shouldn't be that in my opinion...

yea...... hahaha now i am watching

the Tantei Gakuen Q drama series..

not bad! but i was wondering

why am i not afraid of watching those scene like killing people

but when come to ghost i am totally useless~

haiz.... i hope after watching this drama series can help me build up my braveness

this is Gakuen Tantei Q
live action
hahaha this is the Gakuen Tantei Q
anime version
きょう は おわり ~うさ~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cosplay plan

maybe this year cosplay character is


i guess so

well if my mom allow me to go 2 days then

i will me cosplaying 2 version of Seychelles

one is the Gaken Hetalia Version

and the other one is the normal version....

well it look very simple so i decide to

cosplay as that character!!

here is some image for Seychelles

Gakuen Hetalia Version
normal Seychelles
i couldn't find the only photo for Seychelles!!
most of them are with France!!!
and sick pose!!
Girls character in Hetalia!!

はい きょう は おわり ~うさ~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yea!!! finally New Blog Skin!!!

it is very headache keep on changing the new blog skin

finally!!! finish already....

it still a bit plain

but i will add some stuff to it!

O ya before i forgot

i enjoyed playing palm game with Ky Li, Natalie and Andrea

i was so fun

expected from Belarus!

she is so strong

her defense was very high that is why i cannot beat her up!!!!

well that it for today! haha

this is a very short post!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011





Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine!

yaho! Tenshi is blogging on Valentine day!!

today's theme is Valentine!

woooooo home alone....

acuatly nothing much to say

cause this year Valentine is not interesting as last year..

it is true!

well today ally ask me QUESTIONS about HETALIA!!!!

to prevent i get the SUPER POKE i have to answer all her questions

of course she keep on asking me all those sick question that i don't wish to

revel it here!

i guess her HETALIA Virus is spreading very fast!

i am no longer Tenshi i might turn into Seychelles!!!!

now Ky Li is fully transform to Belarus!

she act like Belarus but not the taking knife part...........

Yup! not only that Spain actually follow me to the toilet!

he/she is suppose to went in the guy's toilet but he/she end up in the


well Taiwan couldn't speak loudly....

because she ate too much SUNBISCUIT!!!

is one of the Taiwan product!!!

i can conclude that the HETALIA Virus is unrecoverable!!!!

はい きょう は おわりました ~うさ~

Thursday, February 10, 2011


this month is February..........

well as you can see first term exam is coming...

i haven't even study a single book...

well at school me and Ky Li was busying talking about comedy show

the first one is Hetalia..

it was started from Ally..

she keep on spreading here Hetalia virus to everyone of us you know..

Ally had gave me a country name called Seychelles...

is one of a island in Africa...

she told me that Seychelles is one the the paradise island.

well at lease i can accept that...

Ky Li is Belarus..

Neko is Taiwan

Ally is Spain

Pinky is Ukraine

Samantha is Denmark

and so on...

well as for me i am spreading out the Hello Baby virus to Ky Li..

Hello Baby is one of the Korea comedy show it is quite funny

not only that after watching the first episode of Tantei Gakuen Q

i couldn't sleep well

due to the scary part of it.........

ok then that it for today...

kyou wa owari ~usa~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My holiday

ok this is my new year holiday blog.......

is a bit lame...

i have to spend my life here with computer!

i didn't bring along my ps 2

but i got bring along my PSP

Muahahahaha PSP you are my God!!!!!

hahahaha that is so lame

try to imagine there are few mushroom on my head...

all my cousin were not here yet...

and i was all alone pity Tenshi....

just now evening Neko-chan just Sms me....

well at that time i was watching video hahaha Sorry Neko-chan!!

after that when i was at the restaurant

Pinky Sms me she ask me what am i doing....

i tell her that i am playing game

well that is true

but no longer.....

all the dish were on the table...

so i just started eating but now playing game

ok ok come back to the topic

i am gonna spend my holiday at Ipoh for the whole week

mean until Monday!!!!

well that is the good part


because i can skip school


sorry Neko-chan Sasure-chan Pinky-chan n Ally-chan

hai hai sokomade oyasumi ne!!!!!! kyou wa oeari ~usa~