Friday, February 25, 2011

Aya Hirano


Belarus was just asking me when am i gonna update my blog....

well the answer is now!!

erm after what Neko had told me that how good is Aya Hirano...

i actually did a Google search on her!!

she is so amazing she can change so many voice

you will never know who is the voice actress...

i watch quite a lot of anime...

all the anime character voice sound different

but actually came from the same voice actress

she voice actress as

Macross Frontier (Mina Roshan, Nene Rora)

Kimi ni Todoke (Ume Kurumizawa)

White Album (Yuki Morikawa)

Black Butler II (Hannah Anafeloz)

these are some of the example......

she is also a singer!

i didn't heard her song before..

maybe after my exam i go check on her song haha

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  1. Nice post. Aya Hirano is one hell of a hot chick. Check out some of her scandal photos here.