Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gakuen CNY Celebration

Tenshi is blogging now!!!!!!

hmmm... what am i gonna blog about today......????

well... yesterday was my school Chinese New Year Celebration...

*Belarus= Ky Li
*Spain= Ally
*Seychelles= Myself

Ok then....

yesterday Ukraine she was absent because she say that the Chinese New Year Celebration

is going to be boring...

well that is true!

well ME and BELARUS get the privilege for not attending our class

while Taiwan and Spain was studying hard in the class room!
ME and BELARUS was sitting upstairs looking for the rehearsal...

it was terrible!!!

well there was band.. umbrella dance.... someone playing piano.....solo singing...

and more!

of course Belarus and Spain take part in the orchestra!!

but both of them miss the rehearsal..too bad

the solo singing from our class is terrible!!!!!!!

she sings until loss tracked!!!

high tune...cannot

lower tune... also cannot

we would like to tell her that she sing badly

but someone say if you say it to her she will cry!!!

haiz...... that is why i get annoy by her!!!

in class she act like she know how to sing.....

she keep on saying other people that

"you don't know how to sing Do Re Mi you still wanna sing "

and what am i thinking is

"aiyo u think you very good meh you also don't know how to sing well still complain other people"

ok come back to the CNY celebration..

the Mask Changing was sugoi!!!

well maybe our school pay less money that is why that guy change so few mask haha

Urm.. the lion dance was not bad also

Belarus was totally out of her character!!!!

she kept on shouting because there was this little cute guy is dancing lion dance...


not only that there was also some accident happen is that the

lion cannot eat the cabbage because someone just tie a dead knot instead of the alive knot haha!!!

yup that it for today!!!

みん おやすみ ~うさ~

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