Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine!

yaho! Tenshi is blogging on Valentine day!!

today's theme is Valentine!

woooooo home alone....

acuatly nothing much to say

cause this year Valentine is not interesting as last year..

it is true!

well today ally ask me QUESTIONS about HETALIA!!!!

to prevent i get the SUPER POKE i have to answer all her questions

of course she keep on asking me all those sick question that i don't wish to

revel it here!

i guess her HETALIA Virus is spreading very fast!

i am no longer Tenshi i might turn into Seychelles!!!!

now Ky Li is fully transform to Belarus!

she act like Belarus but not the taking knife part...........

Yup! not only that Spain actually follow me to the toilet!

he/she is suppose to went in the guy's toilet but he/she end up in the


well Taiwan couldn't speak loudly....

because she ate too much SUNBISCUIT!!!

is one of the Taiwan product!!!

i can conclude that the HETALIA Virus is unrecoverable!!!!

はい きょう は おわりました ~うさ~

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