Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My holiday

ok this is my new year holiday blog.......

is a bit lame...

i have to spend my life here with computer!

i didn't bring along my ps 2

but i got bring along my PSP

Muahahahaha PSP you are my God!!!!!

hahahaha that is so lame

try to imagine there are few mushroom on my head...

all my cousin were not here yet...

and i was all alone pity Tenshi....

just now evening Neko-chan just Sms me....

well at that time i was watching video hahaha Sorry Neko-chan!!

after that when i was at the restaurant

Pinky Sms me she ask me what am i doing....

i tell her that i am playing game

well that is true

but no longer.....

all the dish were on the table...

so i just started eating but now playing game

ok ok come back to the topic

i am gonna spend my holiday at Ipoh for the whole week

mean until Monday!!!!

well that is the good part


because i can skip school


sorry Neko-chan Sasure-chan Pinky-chan n Ally-chan

hai hai sokomade oyasumi ne!!!!!! kyou wa oeari ~usa~

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