Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School Phobia?!

this week is the most horrible week!!!!!

my school start march past practice

and i get sun burn for the first day!!!!!

my precious skin T.T

besides..... we going to have sport selection on my birthday......

not only that this Thursday

my school starts the BM Public Speaking....

of course i am the second speakers...

i am planing not to go to school!!

hahaha Ky Li is the first speaker so

she have no choice...i guess

well the is also one project i have to do is


i am going to make a 3D birthday card

i got some cake idea for this Anime

Yumeiro No Patissiere

is a cake making show haha

that it for today!

きょう は おわり ~うさ~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My March!!

well as we all know that the earth is

spinning faster than last year......

time just fly when we are having fun especially

our first term holiday!!!!

i started to play Tinier me which is a

online game!!

this game is due to socialize but it is

very hard to gain


current this is my character

Chizuri Arisa!

here this is some stuff they sell!!!

Hetalia outfit and Black Butler!!!!

cool right!

hehehe pretty nice right

please come and join me kay!!!!!

はい はい きょう は おわり うさ

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Allyちゃん の うち!!!

yea today i went to ally's house......

it is a bit sad i manage to play with them for 6 hour.......

it suppose to be early but something happen...haiz...

after saying good-bye to my beloved friends

i went into the car and my dad ask me

おとうさま(father): everyone is staying over?

me: yes...

おとうさま(father): o you should ask me mar i thought only you staying over??!!!!

me: i tell you everyone but u say cannot!

おとうさま(father): where got!

me: = =

so.....that is what happen in the car

he say if there is next time he will think about it......


o i only manage to take 2 photo

here are some image.....

urgh! gomen the internet is quite slow today i will show u all one day haha

i guess....

i can't believed me and kyli actually watch orphan even tough they all

say is not scary....

hahaha after that we had pizza for our lunch!

after having our lunch we watch black swan.......

it is the most SICK show among others movie

we watched Hetalia and Yogi Bear

hahaha the funny movie

yup i guess that it for today!

はい はい きょう は おわり ピョン!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan terrible earthquake

This is already the third day for the earthquake. after looking at the horrible news I am quite worry about gotou-san and tanaka-san. Both of them live quite near the beach. My aunt say she cannot contact them through Skype or handphone. Haiz why must this earthquake has to be at Japan?! One of my friend- Ky Li has already book.a flight to Japan I wonder she still going a not. So I will ask her whether she is still going.......... Another friend-Carynn is even worse she already went to "yun nan" she is coming back at next friday..... I hope she can comeback safe and sound! I am worry because before she went to "yun nan" she send me a massage written as Good-bye....... I hope all this woo end soon. This time I you my new phone to update...so is a bit weird..let us pray that this horrible earthquake will end soon..