Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan terrible earthquake

This is already the third day for the earthquake. after looking at the horrible news I am quite worry about gotou-san and tanaka-san. Both of them live quite near the beach. My aunt say she cannot contact them through Skype or handphone. Haiz why must this earthquake has to be at Japan?! One of my friend- Ky Li has already book.a flight to Japan I wonder she still going a not. So I will ask her whether she is still going.......... Another friend-Carynn is even worse she already went to "yun nan" she is coming back at next friday..... I hope she can comeback safe and sound! I am worry because before she went to "yun nan" she send me a massage written as Good-bye....... I hope all this woo end soon. This time I you my new phone to is a bit weird..let us pray that this horrible earthquake will end soon..

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