Thursday, April 28, 2011

OUR Animals Club!!!!!!

this is one of the art that i drew at last month

er title.....Ojousama to meito おじょうさま と めいと (mistress and maid)

finally i feel like previewing the clubs


the art is a bit bad

please forgive me this is my first time

drawing such a complicated stuff in the


OKAY!!!!the first is Usagi-chan!!!!

Second Neko-chan!!!!!

then Baka Inu-chan

Not only that All Mighty Raccoon!!

i will not left out this also

Neko's favorite food..


HAHA today's post is focus more about drawing

please do have fun looking at it!

even though is ugly T.T

haha i will try my ever best to make

it pretty next time

はい きょう は おわり ~ぴょん~

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