Saturday, April 23, 2011

SiStArS Day!!!

erm i am sorry that i couldn't update the

animals club image cause there are too much to upload!!!

YUP!!! On Friday we went to Mid Valley!!

with Neko, Carynn and Kyli~

wah..... so nice the end end up a PERFECT DAY!!!

haha i think Kyli almost flat broke.

it is so much fun

well we're not gather at the exact time

at lease we manage to find each other!

hehe we take our lunch at Garden~~

it is not The Garden!!

but is a restaurant name

the decoration is fill with English style

i just manage to capture some picture over there!

after eating lunch we

straight away go to bowling!!


it was fun at first we say

who's the winner then she has to pay for our drinks

haha Neko and Kyli end up not doing any effort

then we change it the rules

who's the loser then she will have to pay haha

well Carynn manage to break her record

but Kyli end losing for 2 games haha

the guy beside us was so good at playing bowling

he get all X in 1 game...

which make us feel so ashame of ourselves..

here is some video and image for the day!!

i guess i will upload the video if i got time next time..

おやすみなさい ~ぴょん~

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