Saturday, April 16, 2011


Is been a long time...i guess

This week is a tired week!!!

before that i want to talk more about my birthday last week!!!

ぴょん ぴょん!!this is Me with my B'day cake!


Papa-san, Mama-san, Mei mei-chan

take photo with me....

well the conclusion is my Mama-san is very bad in taking photo

you can see the photo that i take with my Papa-san

there is the pineapple there but not the CAKE!!!!!

みて ください (mite kudasai)*pls see

ok that is for my birthday kay!!!

this is the bunny-club and the myau-club

Hanie-chan and ME (Tenshi)

we drew this

is been 3 years that we didn't draw together!!!

well Ally-chan and Kyli-chan also create a club

which i force them to think of one animal haha

Ally is Raccoon Club

Kyli is Inu Club.....

Inu Club ..somehow i feel very rude the Inu word haha..

no worries i will tell her to change a new name


i will preview the Raccoon and Inu Club

in my new post so please look forward to it!

Finally comeback to our title today!

it is about tired...

well this week we're busy helping teacher

to decorate the school hall..

we put all our effort into it

of course there are someone who also mess up the whole thing

and it totally wasted our

precious time and also Kyli's money!

on Friday i slept so already

yet i am still so tired....

well i guess that it for today!

so please look forward to NEXT next post kay!!!!!

おやすみなさい !~ぴょん~

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