Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back In New Blog Background


anyone miss me!!!

i am not sure when is my last post

but today i am back with new blog skin

it was a busy week..

i have to babysit 2 hyper kid

which almost cause me to drive crazy!!!!

you can say they are very active but

they are not naughty.

if you on TV

they will sit down quietly

but if that show end they will start to

move all around

like walk up and down at the stair

when they are hungry

they will roll on the floor

when they are sleepy

they just sleep on the floor


is so tiring.....

but the most funny is when i on k-pop show

about the MV part they will start dancing

and the move are almost the same

that is so AWESOME!!!

well they also tried to scare me in the dark

but in the end i am the one who end up scaring them haha

they keep on asking me how i know where they hide

all i answered them was


of course i know where you hide haha

well maybe is time i should take some photo

cause i feel like my blog are only fill with word

it might be very boring

i am lazy to upload photo because

it just took me so long for just one photo!!!

きょう は おわり!! ~ぴょん~

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