Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mendo Week..

Pyon! Pyon!

Usagi no Tenshi is back for today...

ahaha i wasn't able to blog is because of.....

MY EXAM!!!!!

Uuuuu... this is the time that i lock myself up

in my room and start drilling my brain

it was so horrible

i don't even recognized myself..

stress build up within me

pimple started to grow more...due to

too much of stress

who is the one invent exam....

wasting paper....


during exam i had created something

it was


hahaha because during exam

i still have a lot of time before handing up my exam paper

so this club pop out in my mind

i hope i can post up the photo

because i am suck in using paint to draw

USAGI!! so i wanted to use my dad's scanner

but i have to go to his office...

if i go there i will waste my hold day

over there

which i don't really want to..

pyon~ that is for today hahaha


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