Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day Without Hanie & Ky Li

i haven't blog for these few days..

i was quite busy so i don't have the time to blog

and uploading photo also takes some times.

today i spend a day with Carynn and her friend

it was quite weird but i manage to catch up with them haha

during the bowling time i almost got the last place


i beat that guy by 1 MARK!!!!!!

we have our lunch at THE GARDEN..

well after lunch we suppose to be watching movie but

because of the time we end up not watching..

because of not watching movie

me and Carynn end up stepping out

first to the kara-ok ( Red Box )

actually i suppose to pay RM16

because of my smartness for not bringing my IC

i and up paying RM25!!!


and in the end me and Carynn not singing anything

and we just leave....

yup that how we escape them!!

well as for my days at Ipoh..

it was quite boring because i am not using computer!!

but i came back with new hairstyle!!

my cousin sister just got her certificate for the hairstylist

and i end up become her experiment!!

she had SHORTEN ME HAIR!!!!!

look at this!!!!

7 inch of my hair were gone....

here are some of the photo which i spend with my cousin!!!

we were playing WII at that time so i din't take photo

of myself haha

here is my little cousin favorite toy!!

he must sleep with it haha

here are also some magazine from my aunt

she said she got it in Japan

all of them are FREE!!

i only took back some to KL..

there are still a lot maybe i will show it next time

and i will also post some of the scene for the magazine heehee

okay that it for today!!!!!!

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