Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Day With Short Hair


I am back with another new hairstyle which

i don't really like to show you all ahah

well i feel is kinda weird...

even though my head very light already haha

well on Monday my school starts.

of course, with such a short hair

everyone keep on looking at it

some of them even get shocked...

and some of them thought i am a new student..

i am so disappointed..

well there are also who comment that i look like


but i don't think so

not only that some people also tried to pat my head

but i end up telling them not to touch my hair

Ally tired to play with my hair instead so tickling me...

well what i think of myself is

i look like Chibi Maruko-Chan

is a Japanese anime


well i guess that is for today!!!

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