Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bon Odori 2011!!! * Finally


i manage to blog now!!!

actually i wanted to blog on Sunday because something wrong....

well let no talk about the bad stuff....

i really enjoyed my first Bon Odori!!

these are the fans that i got haha

my mom, my sis and mine!

it was so fun and i really enjoyed the dance and the handsome guys haha..

i heard it from Hanie she said this year got more people than last year!

i was shocked... well not really that shocked.

well look at the people!

there were so many people lining up for the food

even though we can eat those food in Malaysia....

yup these are the picture that i captured

hehe Ky Li and her cute little sister!

here a group photo with Ally!!!!

me and Ky Li's sister

YUP!!! a group photo without Ally.....

Mama-san, Imoto-chan, ME, Ky Li, and her sister

a group camwhore hehe

Hanie, Jessie, and Hanie's little brother.

even though they said no cosplay..........................

well as a conclusion Ky Li, her sister, me, my sister, and my mom

we were all hungry..

so we end up eating in a cafe

camwhore in the cafe

my sister xixixi

kay kay....... my camwhore!!

okay that is for today i am so tired now...

after uploading so many photo..

Oyasumi ne mina-san!!!

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