Saturday, July 30, 2011

Days having FUN!!!!

hahaha i been a while again..

i kinda get bored always using the same opening

hahaha well it is true, is been a while

well this month i had a lot of outing

of course my money start flying off

it is quite a pain....

well last Sunday i went out with my best friend Carmen

she does not have a blog haha

well Carmen is my childhood friend

you can say we're quite close but not as close as my parent haha

that is a of course

well we went Pavilloin but then i told my mom we wanted to go

Sungei Wang but i end up going to KLCC

well actually i am not quite sure about the road to KLCC

but i just follow my instinct

yes! and i back in one piece haha

well KLCC..... i end up going Kinokuniya only

because i was gambling with the rain

i was so worried due to not bringing my umbrella... (=3=)

at Kinokuniya i bought


ok that is for Sunday!

then during school day

Hanie, Carynn, Jessie and Ally were busy

doing the decoration for the National day

they were busy busy....

busy busy playing with the white color thingi

which i forgot the name of it

well at lease it were just the two of the busy busy playing

(carynn & ally)......

Jessie and Hanie were focusing on decoration

while me and Ky Li just looking at them

Hanie made me something good with the white color thingi

the mascot of Bunny club, one of the member in the bunny club and

GERMANY!!! from Hetalia *in mochi form

not only that Myao-Club also had a new member.....

is Tenshi......

well me and Hanie finished Mission one

i will translate it in my new post

cause all is in japanese

but i will show you the image today!

yes this is mission one

hope we will start mission 2 as soon as possible haha

hai kyou wa kokomade! (>u<)/

that it for today!

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