Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Treasure From Mid Valley

is been a while that i wasn't on blog haha..

this week i am busy completing my

unfinished homework....

TEACHERS... they like to give homework at the last minute

and i also the same thing...

well i manage to finish my homework today!!!

i will like to share what i bought in Mid Valley

as we all know that Bon Odori is near

i thought i am going to wear my very own YUKATA!!

but something happened.... my YUKATA from Japan couldn't

reach Japan...

and i borrowed A YUKATA from Jessie that time i

was so happy at lease i got something to wear during



yesterday evening Hanie called me that

Ky Li bought YUKATA from Mid Valley

i am so surprised, i told my mom about the YUKATA

then today she brought me to Mid Valley

and i bought my very own YUKATA

there were a lot of choice

and this is what i bought

the pink one and dark purple

the shoe.... i forgot what is the name

is quite simple... because the other are too colorful...

a little pink pouch from the stall

it was a nice day hahaha

i am so happy!!!!

i will show you how i look in YUKATA


~Please look forward to it (*・ω・)/ ~

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