Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recording Wasn't That EASY!!


is been a harsh day for me!!!!

hahaha.... recording in a group wasn't that easy!

today me and Andrea were at Ky Li's house recording our

song for the audition..

it didn't turn out well

well i have high expectation in this

the fist most important thing before the record is

all member have to gather themselves in the same time

unfortunately i went to Ky Li's house late..

i was 1 hour on the highway i don't know why there

were so many car on the highway

and this had caused me late..

not only that we took 2 hour on recording

due to our "Giggle Cells"

i also don't know why

we kept on bursting into laughter

besides that we took half an hour for the

group name...

we kept on disagree at the name

and finally it turn up something nice..haha

and not only that the photo shooting also

postponed already due to not enough of time

hope you all will look forward to my next post!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Funny Hetalia Face


after i saw this picture

i feel like blogging haha

is quite funny

these people are so creative

i think they use photoshop to

do this..

is kinda awesome haha

i hope i also have photoshop

i don't know why i find it hard to download it

even Hanie help me before

but it still wont work it is very troublesome

haha i also want to share this Belarus Cosplay

this Belarus is the girl that i post

last time.

is just this time i find a different angle of shooting

haha XD


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Busy Audition


is been a long time again

what is the reason for this time?

i am busy doing the preparation for the

K-POP Audition

well i just do this for experience

and the CASH!!


i join force with Ky Li and Andrea

well at fist i was not that interested

about this audition

but things change

i just don't know why

i feel like i wanna participate in this audition

well is not that i am alone that is what i thought


feel like joining it ??

feel free to click at the link below

i think you will understand more

that is for today

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is This My Style??

YAHO!!!!!!! today is Tuesday

haha my tuition class cancel

that is why i am still online!

my mom help me tie a new hair style

even though is a normal hair style

that some people had did it before

but i still think is fresh

cause this is a short hair version

the right-hand side of the hair is something like that

and on the left-hand side is like that

haha i don't know....

whether you all feel it special or not haha

well as a conclusion

there were a lot of people said that

this hair style match me

and i look cute on it... (o^u^o)

well that kinda made me happy hehe

the most funny is my friends thought i put hairband

my camwhore

there are still a lot of pimple on my face so...

please put that aside kay..

hope you enjoy the post haha.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am Back Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waoh!!!! i don't know how long i didn't post haha


i am busy for my stupid homework and the concert

well this year our school seperate the concert into two day

and that is very MENDO (troblesome).

well i take some photo during the concert but i will just post some haha

I AM JUST TOO LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TADA!! this is a GROUP PHOTO!!

all of us are BLACK!!

well Hanie was not in there becasue

she didn't attend or take part in the concert....

same goes to Jessie

i hope the both of them able to perform next year haha

drag by Ally haha XD

well there were also photo take with Ky Li but

very blur....

those people are bad photographer....

i will end my post with my own photo

that i take myself haha

okay that is for today!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Myau Mission 1 Subbed!!!

yup i promised that i will post up the

subbed version of the Myau Mission

okay here we go!

1. Good afternoon

2. Good afternoon

3. ARH!!!! WHO ARE YOU!!!

4. You don't know me? I am quite famous you know?

5. I am more famous! I am world first bishoujo!

6. Well because i am very busy...

7. that is how i get famous!

8. your style in bishoujo is the most ugliest!

9. really? ok ok now i tell what is my name

10. my name is Tenshi!

11. tenshi's face don't have star on it

12. i am not tenshi but tenshi. (please look at the kanji & hiragana)

13. no what i mean tenshi is that..

14. that is why your name is not tenshi but ( no name cat)

15. no no no i am tenshi.

16. the real tenshi is over here

17. yes!

18. this people copy your name!!

19. we're not human but cat

20. then...

21. this cat copy your name!

22. eh... *digging her nose

23. you wanna die

24. the attitude of then real tenshi really....

25. because i am tenshi FANS.... but my real name is "not tenshi"

26. then your real name is no name neko

27. yes..

28. why not stupid neko!

29. cannot!

30. i know it no name neko is nicer

31. yes

32. fuuuu..

33. this name is interesting

34. got name neko actually is a no name neko hahaha

35. keep quite

36. isn't it an interesting name

37. i am a no name cat

38. then mission complete

39. i failed....

(please read the English summary)

well this is my first time doing translating

i hope is not bad......

hope you can enjoyed Myau mission haha