Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am Back Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waoh!!!! i don't know how long i didn't post haha


i am busy for my stupid homework and the concert

well this year our school seperate the concert into two day

and that is very MENDO (troblesome).

well i take some photo during the concert but i will just post some haha

I AM JUST TOO LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TADA!! this is a GROUP PHOTO!!

all of us are BLACK!!

well Hanie was not in there becasue

she didn't attend or take part in the concert....

same goes to Jessie

i hope the both of them able to perform next year haha

drag by Ally haha XD

well there were also photo take with Ky Li but

very blur....

those people are bad photographer....

i will end my post with my own photo

that i take myself haha

okay that is for today!!!!!!!!!

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