Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is This My Style??

YAHO!!!!!!! today is Tuesday

haha my tuition class cancel

that is why i am still online!

my mom help me tie a new hair style

even though is a normal hair style

that some people had did it before

but i still think is fresh

cause this is a short hair version

the right-hand side of the hair is something like that

and on the left-hand side is like that

haha i don't know....

whether you all feel it special or not haha

well as a conclusion

there were a lot of people said that

this hair style match me

and i look cute on it... (o^u^o)

well that kinda made me happy hehe

the most funny is my friends thought i put hairband

my camwhore

there are still a lot of pimple on my face so...

please put that aside kay..

hope you enjoy the post haha.

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