Monday, August 1, 2011

Myau Mission 1 Subbed!!!

yup i promised that i will post up the

subbed version of the Myau Mission

okay here we go!

1. Good afternoon

2. Good afternoon

3. ARH!!!! WHO ARE YOU!!!

4. You don't know me? I am quite famous you know?

5. I am more famous! I am world first bishoujo!

6. Well because i am very busy...

7. that is how i get famous!

8. your style in bishoujo is the most ugliest!

9. really? ok ok now i tell what is my name

10. my name is Tenshi!

11. tenshi's face don't have star on it

12. i am not tenshi but tenshi. (please look at the kanji & hiragana)

13. no what i mean tenshi is that..

14. that is why your name is not tenshi but ( no name cat)

15. no no no i am tenshi.

16. the real tenshi is over here

17. yes!

18. this people copy your name!!

19. we're not human but cat

20. then...

21. this cat copy your name!

22. eh... *digging her nose

23. you wanna die

24. the attitude of then real tenshi really....

25. because i am tenshi FANS.... but my real name is "not tenshi"

26. then your real name is no name neko

27. yes..

28. why not stupid neko!

29. cannot!

30. i know it no name neko is nicer

31. yes

32. fuuuu..

33. this name is interesting

34. got name neko actually is a no name neko hahaha

35. keep quite

36. isn't it an interesting name

37. i am a no name cat

38. then mission complete

39. i failed....

(please read the English summary)

well this is my first time doing translating

i hope is not bad......

hope you can enjoyed Myau mission haha

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