Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recording Wasn't That EASY!!


is been a harsh day for me!!!!

hahaha.... recording in a group wasn't that easy!

today me and Andrea were at Ky Li's house recording our

song for the audition..

it didn't turn out well

well i have high expectation in this

the fist most important thing before the record is

all member have to gather themselves in the same time

unfortunately i went to Ky Li's house late..

i was 1 hour on the highway i don't know why there

were so many car on the highway

and this had caused me late..

not only that we took 2 hour on recording

due to our "Giggle Cells"

i also don't know why

we kept on bursting into laughter

besides that we took half an hour for the

group name...

we kept on disagree at the name

and finally it turn up something nice..haha

and not only that the photo shooting also

postponed already due to not enough of time

hope you all will look forward to my next post!!

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