Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Pimple Me!!!!!


is the biggest problem in me now!

i just couldn't get rid of the stupid pimple!

sigh.... how i miss my baby skin now!

there are a lot of them....

sob... because of the stupid pimple i cannot put on make up

hahaha is not that i could not put up my make up is just that

i cannot put on make up so often....

i also wanna look nice in the blog!!!!

well this is my outfit when i went out with my cousin!

2 camwhore hahaha

i think i like camwhore nowadays

thx to Hanie's influence!

well this is a picture that you can see the pimple me!!!

please don't focus on the face

focus on the hairstyle!

hahah is a bit similar to KEY- from SHINee hairstyle....

well i guess i will post up the Gothic Lolita

image in my next post! * if i am not lazy!

anyway OYASUMINASAI!!!!!

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