Friday, September 2, 2011

The Things That I had Done For This Week!!!

i am back!!!

is been a while again..


and this time

this post gonna fill with picture!

well i stated my holiday

with A Lot OF homework

and some rushing project (the Audition )

remember the last post?

the unsuccessful recording?

yea it was quite a pain...

but the time we tried to record (which was yesterday..)

it was a SUCCESS!!!

and we even took photo shoot!

OKAY! before heading into the photo shooting and the

audition thingi...

i wanted to said is

FINALLY I WENT TO TOKYO STREET!!! (which was on Monday)

haha i went with Hanie and Ky Li

is been a while since the 3 of us went shopping together!

well.... as usual i am late to fetch Ky Li because

my aunt came...

and Hanie was waiting alone..

I am Sorry!!!!

well we reach there about 12 something

thank goodness Hanie forgive me

the first thing we went was TOKYO STREET!!

it was so amazing

and it also pack with people.....

we even went Daiso

it was much bigger than the Daiso in Sungei Wang!

anyway i am not buying anything in there

but Ky Li brought a lot of present over there..

so while Ky Li was paying me and Hanie went to take photo

we also take some photo in Pavillion!

after that we went KLCC

by WALKING! like last time i walk with hanie

haha a picture on the bridge!

well i just pity Ky Li for wearing high heel....

hope she learn her lesson..

after we reach KLCC

i planed to have my breakfast and lunch at Sushi King!

well that time was business hour so

we went to Kinokuniya first.

when we went up

we saw the AKB48 magazine and the other collection book...

Hanie got stuck with it already

she said that she want the sticker....

hahaha i thought she want the books...

didn't know she say she want the stickers..

so cute~

i also camwhore myself while walking to KLCC~

after treasure hunt in Kinokuniya

we wanted to have our lunch


there were MORE PEOPLE then the first time we went there!!

hungry Angel....had to go all the ways to Fahrenheit to find FOOD~

in Fahrenheit... there was a Japanese Restaurant!


no choice we had to go the restaurant beside...

there were no people which mean the food come faster!

well the service over there was not that nice..

the food there also not bad.... (maybe because i am hungry!)

i took some photo over there too!

Ky Li's hunting!

mirror reflection!


say CHEESE!!

haha i guess i will post up the Photo Shoot in my next post!

hope you all will look forward to my next post!

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