Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Already??!


is been a while again

my blog now is

fill with algae and mushroom.....

i feel like i am just back from a long long vacation!

Finally October had finished...

means my exam are over too

hahha at lease i pass all the subject

except for history

haha i hate history

well i end my October

with Hanie and Kyli by going a trip

around the heart of KL

is was so tiring but it was fun

even thought i end up with sick

due to my weak digestive problem......

here are some photo

first we went time square

Hanie wanted to eat ice-cream

so we end up eating ice-cream

and here are some picture that we took

in Times Square!!

time time we didn't take much picture

becasue we were so busy eating, chatting, and crossing

the busy busy road....

yup today's post had comes to an ending haha

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