Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Third Day Of My Holiday


or should i say is been a while again?

i kinda get bored with that opening again

because i don't really blog a lot...

and i don't know what to blog about anyway

i guess i will just talk about my holiday life

as you can see Ky Li's blog and Hanie's blog,

they had already talk about the photo shoot thingi

to tell you the truth i am just lazy to blog about it..

well it was a success photo shooting

but our "manager" blame us for not informing her haha

she said that our photo shooting skill had LEVEL UP!

(>u<) i am so happy to heard that!

she even give us some point

we really appreciate that!!!

Ky Li even made a video for our photo shooting

it was quite nice

here is the link for the video

well about my holiday........

actually nothing special

i just spend the 3 day for the ballet rehearsal

it was very tiring... thank goodness today is the last day

everyday 4 hours of rehearsal.... and just 15 minute of break..

and don't know when we gonna rehearsal again..

that is why i couldn't know give u the exact time!!! Hanie-sama!!!

i feel sorry.... because she is the one who is waiting for the reply


i wonder how the idols survive for more than 8 hours of rehearsal...

here are some photo shooting's photo

just me only

that is for today!!!!!!!!

owari pyon pyon~

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