Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Trial- Purikura With Timer!


みんな お げんき です か?(minna o genki desu ka?)


so fast we have come to December

it was a great day on 1st of December!

i started my first day on December in Hanie's house!

because i am rushing to finish my cosplay props!

it was a great help!

Hanie is so amazing!

well....... the truth is.....

i didn't help much... (=.=)

well she did explained to me

but still i don't really understand what

she is trying to say hahaha....

so i guess she end up helping me to the the cosplay props....

but now the problem is... i have to make the

armor for my shoes and my gloves....

i don't really have much time because

after i come back for my trip i still left 3 days before


it is so rushing now

but still i don't have the feeling to do my

armor for my cosplay....

urgh why must my cosplay must be so many armor


come back to the purikura

well it was fun!

this is my first time

playing a purikura with timer!

well the fist shoot is quite shocking because i don't know the was a timer

hahaha the picture came out in a funny face

but is okay

cause Hanie and i were having fun so

it worth it.

i can't wait for my second trial hahaha

i think i get addicted with it already!

today i am just too lazy to post up the picture

well maybe next time hahaha

note: if i am not lazy!

じゃ、 きょう は ここ まで です! おやすみ ぴょん!

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