Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remembering 2011

2011 i was Form 4

but i don't look like a Form 4 hahah XD

flash back to January

school starts!

very tiring have to wake up early in the morning

at first thought me and Hanie will be in the same class

but end up not...

then start the honey moon year!!!!

which is not so honey moon....

going out together more!!!

not only that, we start planing our future career

weeeeee..... till December


everyone is cosplaying so AWESOME!!

last shopping in 2011 with Andrea!

Kareok together ( practice vocal )

then....... 2012 here i come...

till now i still don't think that i am a Form 5 student

and i am still not use to waking up soooo early

haiz so tiring....

well Chinese New Year is just around the corner

the weather become so dry


Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Others Days I Am In Korea

well i don't really took much photo for the rest of the day

in Korea because we almost spend the others day

shopping around in Seoul

you can say Seoul is a shopping paradise

they sell all kind of cloths (which were almost winter cloths)

but the prices was not as cheap as you expected

here is one of my room

which i had to sleep on the floor

well there is a heater on the floor so i don't feel cold at all

in other words.... it was very warm.......

LOOK! the snow like march mellow

i really like to taste snow but

i don't feel hygiene because many people walk pass

that place... they might be people step on it ( that is what i thought )

as for the next day

i spend the whole day in this Wonder land called Everland

erm.. is something like Disney Land

but Disney Land is far bigger that it....

also my first time on a roller coaster!

that roller coaster sure made me spin a lot

i wanted to try the 3 minute roller coaster

but none of my cousin wanted to try that

it was really disappointing....

here is the image for the 3 minute roller coaster

i didn't take the 1 minute roller coaster

because i am busy finding my cousin


i don't want to leave Korea ( that is what i thought that time )

i wanted to stay over there

it was truly a memorable trip

hope in future i will be going there with

my working partners! ( they know who they are )

Is Already 2012

Time pass so fast

while i am really enjoying my holiday time past so fast

i miss my life in 2011

it contain so many happiness

remembering that day

when the 3 of us participate an audition

hahaha it was wonderful

not only that

last year was the first year

that i COSPLAY!

it was a great experience haha

what i really hope for this year is

get good result for my test

and i hope i can work with my partners in future

it is so hard to find some friends that have the same dream

i really hope we will still keep contact each other

after our graduation T.T

bye bye 2011!!!

i really really love you!!