Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Others Days I Am In Korea

well i don't really took much photo for the rest of the day

in Korea because we almost spend the others day

shopping around in Seoul

you can say Seoul is a shopping paradise

they sell all kind of cloths (which were almost winter cloths)

but the prices was not as cheap as you expected

here is one of my room

which i had to sleep on the floor

well there is a heater on the floor so i don't feel cold at all

in other words.... it was very warm.......

LOOK! the snow like march mellow

i really like to taste snow but

i don't feel hygiene because many people walk pass

that place... they might be people step on it ( that is what i thought )

as for the next day

i spend the whole day in this Wonder land called Everland

erm.. is something like Disney Land

but Disney Land is far bigger that it....

also my first time on a roller coaster!

that roller coaster sure made me spin a lot

i wanted to try the 3 minute roller coaster

but none of my cousin wanted to try that

it was really disappointing....

here is the image for the 3 minute roller coaster

i didn't take the 1 minute roller coaster

because i am busy finding my cousin


i don't want to leave Korea ( that is what i thought that time )

i wanted to stay over there

it was truly a memorable trip

hope in future i will be going there with

my working partners! ( they know who they are )

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