Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Sweet 17.

well my 17 birthday just past in a flash. is kinda heart breaking because this may be the last birthday celebration with my beloved buddies... i can said that this year is the best BIRTHDAY ever! i am very touch because my friends took all the trouble to buy me present and celebrate it in a meaningful way. well on the actual day on my Birthday my class sang BIRTHDAY SONG to me well they wanted me to cry but it end up not crying. well i kinda feel embarrassing but still i feel happy in my heart! THANK YOU! well as for the next day of my birthday ME, KY LI, HANIE, CARYNN, JESSIE, ANDREA, *ALLY ( ONLY APPEARS IN KLCC OR NOT FURTHER THAN KLCC BY 500M ) went to Mid Valley to have a celebration in the morning, we a bunch of girls had made the Restaurant upside down we made so much noise in there but still it was FUN the waiter helped us to take some photo too ( even though we're so noisy )
yup i guess is these much for the morning branch. then we head to the BOWLING which is KY LI's fear hahaha well this time we didn't have the rules to punish the loser so i want to say is KY LI THIS TIME YOU ARE LUCKY!!! here are some picture in the bowling court.
after that we went to shop around Mid Valley then end up playing in JUSCO~ the kids playground there well the main point going there is to try out the PURIKURA machine everyone end up playing in there and spend more in there..... but we did have a lot of fun and not only that we also get a lot of attention from the kids and the parent because all of us were so loud over there... well the PURIKURA was a success though haha Carynn kept on saying that why this machine made her eye turn so big haha i don't have a scanner so i just took it in a original form. and also some photo that we played in the kid wonderland!
after tiring games we headed to DOME~ to have our tea break amazing right? yup as always we took a lot of photos over there and also made a lot of noise :) i think i took the most picture over there! mostly group!
we also took a camwhore before Hanie head home it was a bit blur... and can't really see me because i bend down
then we head to Isetan to buy some stuff. here is the picture while we were waiting Andrea's sister's present to wrap
later on, Andrea leave........ then Me, Ky Li, Carynn and Jessie had dinner in YOGI TREE! well full of shocking event too they actually prepare a surprise for me I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! THANK YOU!!!! BUDDIES!!!
THANK YOU EVERYONE! hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!