Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I did for the past few month~

Whooz~ I am finally back!!!! Hehehe~ Well the truth is I am getting pretty lazy to blog these days~ I always tell my friend that i have no topic to write about, nothing fresh to talk about, no time and so on... Those are................ LIES~ Okay here I am about to tell you guys what I did for these past few month~ Alright~ 9 September 2012 My High School life ends over here. After 5 year of study in secondary school, I finally taking one step out of the school...... (even though I still have to go back for my public exam) Anyway, this is the day that we spend the whole day saying farewell, crying and laughing together~ Graduation..... it sounds kinda sad but to me~ Is not really that bad~
De finale~ everyone is so happy in there so i don't find it sad or depress when we graduate Then, 2 December 2012 4 days before my public exam is over i have my dance concert and this is the first time that my friends come to support me! is really nice of them to attend the concert~ De photos~
6 December 2012 YAY!!! FINALLY FINISH PUBLIC EXAM! *finger cross* Hope i did well in the exam!!! 8 December 2012 MY FIRST TRIP TO SINGAPORE WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!! You can say this is the most AMAZING AND ADVENTUROUS TRIP EVER!! Lots of event happened but it was really fun!
the trio~ hehe well this amazing building was taken near by Marina Bay the design is so unique but some how i am so scare that the thing might fall down....
and a last photo for day 1 in Singapore~
As for day 2 we spend the whole day in Universal Studio~ It was nice but I do hope that we have more time to spend on the rides~ the scenery is beautiful and magnificent is really nice place for photo shoot and enjoying the scene De photos~
Is a must to go Universal Studio if you happened to drop by in Singapore~ Day 3 we spend the whole day shopping in Orchard Road and Bugis Street~ I don't really have much picture to post for day 3 XD
The event that shock me the most is SINGAPOREAN LUNCH HOUR!!!!! 0.0 is was so crowded that we could barely find a seat...
and lastly day 4 our last day in Singapore~ though we kinda miss Singapore but no matter what we still have to go back to our own country~
De End~ 22 December 2012 and 23 December 2012 COMIC FIESTA!!!!!!!!!! AN EVENT THAT I MUST NEVER MISS!!! well i must say Comic Fiesta is getting bigger every year! the number of people increase a lot compare to last year the number of people lining up for day 1 is truly amazing i was like * thank god i bought early bird ticket* or else i will be ending up like other people lining for hours to get in there~ like they say early bird gets the worm..... eww....... worms...... anyway~ i really do enjoyed walking in to the hall without lining up *like a boss!* those people lining up was like * why they get special privileged!!! NOT FAIR!* yea....... those jealousy eyes were looking at us~ alright time for Syashin!! (photo) Here are the name for the cosplayer (my friend) for Day 1 1) Ryn * dress with a bit of gothic lolita* 2) Alice * cosplay as Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail* 3) Hanie * cosplay as Maria Kurenai in Vampire Knight* 4) Me * cosplay as Levy Mcgarden in Fairy Tail*
and that is for Day 1 Day 2 1) Hanie * cosplay as Ririchiyo Shirakiin in Inu x Boku SS * 2) Alice * Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail * 3) Ryn * European like Lolita * 4) Me * some kind of game character.......... (unknown)*
is really nice to take photo outdoors~ we were GOING ALL OUT just for those photo shoot!! we did sorta dangerous pose when we're at the fountain spot~ BUT! WE'RE GOOD! even other cosplayer tried to do our pose but end up FAILED~ Lucy! SUMMON AQUARIUS??!
HAHAHA some random photo but last but not lease DE MASTERPIECE~
is a pretty nice night effect~ and the rest are some scene we took
Fin~ is really a nice experience to visit Comic Fiesta~ Those who like to cosplay please do to join the fun in next year Comic Fiesta or any other cosplay event~

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