Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

2013 going to come to an end soon after a few hours, boy I so wish that 2014 never come since I always feel "laggy" writing down the date. As year is increasing my age too is also increasing.... that is a cruel reality that I am having trouble to accept... Everyone will eventually get old I guess so there's nothing much to be sad about. As long I live my 2013 with no regret then there's no need to stick my nose back at the pass instead should look forward and welcome the coming year 2014!

This will be my last post for this year, it sounded so sad but......THERE WILL BE MORE POST NEXT YEAR!  *I hope....

A preview of me.. look back when I didn't touch much of make up last time due to skin problem haha.. but now feeling touch that it has gone way better, I am feeling bless that I get to met with a nice and friendly doctor and that able to cure it.

Then this year cosplay plan on Comic Fiesta 2013.
First day did Amy from Suisei no Gargantia 
My photographer : Hanie (all nice pics come from her)

Really thanks her for taking such a nice picture~
Then as for second day I just did original character.. ahaha I am really lost on portraying this character since I have no idea how she should be. Maybe I should practice..

All the year event had end, so I am really grateful with what I was given and thank you everyone that has been supporting for this year. All the best to the coming year to everyone!  Happy New Year!!!XD

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I guess this is my first time doing some hair do after watching a dancing competition.

Yes~ Yes~ Aye Hasegawa~ From what I know... she's a dancer, choreographer, model and... she's still a student. How I wish I could be like her.. 
But, anyway I like her hair style on the night of Astro Battleground'13 in Malaysia which makes me so want to have that hair style which I would called it " Mickey Mouse" haha... 

I tried to did it on my own hair..... Since now I have a shoulder length hair tying a twin bun isn't much of a problem..... * There isn't much of a problem....* But there still a problem... they look amazingly SMALL!!! T.T 
I didn't give up but I did it in my style haha... Well that hair style in an inspiration anyway~ I still need to work it in my way and the result is!!!

Jyan jyan~ Ahahaha It seems like I grew horns on my head!!!!

Have a SALUTE!!

And some randomness ahahaha *which I don't really do*

Does it suit me??? Hahaha I was a little shock the hair to turn out like this but it seems I should work a little more in my fashion sense hahaha~ 

Okay that's for today then~ Night night~!

てんし休みの日常( Day 7 another half ) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 7 another half )*

Opps.. Sorry that I went for a sudden hiatus after my quota reach its limit haha. Now having my so called winter holiday, so I decided to post everything in one shot! But just do get so looking forward as I am going to post about the things I did in the past. Tee hee~

As for what did I do for my another rest of the day for day 7....
WE HAD STEAK *so call steak but is actually just meat*---- !!!! I would said that I really gone fed up with meat... but to survive the rest of the day... we need lunch!!! Lunch+ cousin+ starving= MEAT!!!!.... well since we had left over meat after the barbecue party so me and my cousin decided we should fried the meat!!! And who's gonna do the cooking???? Is obvious, my cousin cause he's a man! * Nahh.. I am just saying* But anyway... I am not really a kitchen person since I was a kid so I don't volunteer myself to it.

Now they're in the wok...

And now they're one the plate, where I am helping them " cleaning the excessive oil" with " oil paper".

And MAN do all the cleaning.

Ahahaha.... well I am just useless in house chores actually so most of the time I would be staring or loitering around or keep on giving excesses haha~ Owh well that makes me, ME! I enjoy my lunch with my cousin but my department came after it. My house is in KL after all, I can't stay there forever right~

Now move to on the way back to KL... okay... the jam is HORRIBLE!! I have never sit in the car for 5 hour plus which normally we take 2 hour and half to reach our place!!! My daddy was so fed up so instead of using the highway he decided to using the so called "old road". "That route is longer but there might be chance that no much of people using that ." Daddy said. But daddy is wrong, because.... there were also people who thinks like daddy too...... there were so many traffic lights and quite amount of people stop to have dinner on their why back... which caused another traffic jam... I am bored so I taking picture while I am in the car and my parents started talking about their past where they used to use the "old road". To be honest, when they told me I went those place before when I was a kid, I seriously have no idea what are they talking about but I still went along with them.

Some old town..

And those are what I took while I was in the car. You can't really see all these historical buildings in the city because.........................* is city???* Owh.. I don't know, I just know I rarely see these types of buildings.
That's all for my adventure to Ipoh and from Ipoh back to KL.

For the rest of the days until my September semester starts...... I actually just stay at home and watch anime and did lots of napping.... which I don't think is appropriate to show my ugly sleeping face. 
Hnnn.... * I guess that's all???* 

Yup!! ahahha... Please look forward for the next post then~!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 6& 7 half day ) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 6& 7 half day)*

Good Morning~~
Sigh.... I am glad that I am able to blog since now my cousin are not here and the Wifi is all for me to use!!

I am currently still in my hometown as I mention in my last post~

Aright! Yesterday, we had dinner in one of the restaurant which was in the hotel where my uncle stay.
He was lucky because he said he doesn't need to rush and also no need to fight for toilet which we did in Grandma's house.

But never mind that shows how tolerate we are ahaha....

This is how's like when you are the first comer....

The when the food arrive...

I didn't manage to take the rest because everyone is too hungry 
and before I even take the picture they started chow down everything.
They even comment " why still need to take picture?? just eat lah!!!"
I feel so ashamed of that...

while waiting the dish to be serve took picture with my mom~

And my closest cousin!!!!
Aheemmm... well we're together and forever together if I happen to back in home town.
(please do get the wrong idea, we're just close)

But what so funny is he got his reward on his nose after all his trails hehe..
well he gonna face the up coming exam so he have to work double harder!!

So during the dinner, what pissed me of is one of my uncle he keeps on asking me whether I have a boyfriend a not....
And he always ask me every times he sees me.

Uncle X: Hey Kei Kei (my nickname in my hometown)!! When are you gonna bring your boyfriend here?? By this time you should already have a boyfriend already right??? ahahahahaha!!!!
Me: * ......I feel like using a tape and tape his dirty mouth....* Why must I bring my boyfriend huh.. is not really important...
Uncle X: Aiyo!! Why shy shy!! Just bring lah! You are old enough already! Why you afraid of your daddy???
Me: * thermometer in the brain BURST!!!* I have too many boyfriend until the whole bus also cannot fetch them back!! And I don't plan on showing them to you until I have choose one, and if your're so interest why don't you sponsor them and whole LRT and fetch them here?
Uncle X: *speechless....*
Me: (¬_¬")..... 
Uncle: *hurry up and walk away...*

Everyone, please do act like what I did because we have to respect the elder! * although I know that but that's beyond my limit ahaha* 
But I am serious, this is not something you should act towards the elder so please do not mimic ya!!

And I started to gulp down red wine.....
To ease my stress..

And this morning, my grandma acted like a non stop alarm clock just to wake me up for having breakfast with them.
I only had a few hours sleep since my cousin was staying over too and we had so much fun at the midnight...

Day 7.

So when I woke up this morning, I heard them talking about "Bah Kut Teh" ( is a Chinese type of food which they put meat or bones into a herbal soup.... I think?) 
At first I thought those are for our dinner.... but then I realized that...


Meat...meat... MEAT!!!!!!

I am having so much meat in the early morning!!
Is like having steak in the morning..

To me this is interesting, cause I remember when I have " Bah Kut Teh" in K.L, they don't really have the thing in the middle of no where.

Hehehe~ yup that's what I did for my half day of day 7!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 5) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 5)*

Ahh sorry for the delay post..
I know this day 5 post suppose to be yesterday but since I have personal business to do so I decided to post it today.

I am terrible so to my readers! * which I think I don't have much haha*

I am currently in my hometown now, because later all our relatives will be having a gathering dinner so celebrate my grandma's birthday.
And also since I will be back to K.L on either Monday or Tuesday, so I might delay my post until I am back to K.L.

Alright, head to what I did on Friday.
Actually all I did was having movie marathon with my mom and my sis at home.
Since mummy bought me a new hard-disc, all of us was hyper and start download a lot of movies.

HARD-DISC IS OUR GOD!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Nah.... I am just kidding.

We're watching Avengers and The Rise of the Guardians.

But I was thinking if I am a character in Avengers what powers will I have??

I was thinking about having a power to change the elements around the air..... whoooo and electricity too!!!!
And I can create explosion!!!!!
Whee that must be cool.
How about you? What powers would you like to have?

And what if I am a guardian?
What am I gonna be??????
I dunno I will tell you my answers in my next post!!

So please look forward to my next post ya~!

Bye Bye~!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 4) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 4)*

Who know time pass so fast, today already reaching day 4 of my holiday!!!
It seems like this time I didn't regret what I did for my holidays, which not like what happen to my last semester's break, because is all do nothing day.

Not only that,
it seems that my broadband is " hungry".......

And I will start....... saving some of my quota now.. 
* not going so much of  facebook, instagram......or maybe blogging???*

But luckily is gonna be the payment day next week, so I am proud of that.

Alright, lets start with morning.
Had my breakfast...... sit at the couch start watching TV......
And wait for my mom's fridge to deliver..

Well, she was happy with it and I think I should be thanking god for it.

Then time strikes around 3 or 4 pm.
I start playing with my strawberries, since the day is like pretty normal boring day.
And so I start stuffing all strawberries on my hair.

And everything starts from this little strawberry chan.....
imagine I put strawberry seeds on my head and start watering them

They will start growing on my hair and after 6 minutes I am ready to pluck them down.
* but of course u don't eat them..*

So while waiting for it to be done, I started playing my PSP...

Look I even did a camwhore of it...... 
ahaha..... this is weird..

Anyway.... after 6 minutes....
The result is.....

Jyan Jyan........
hmmm...... should I put it longer?
Well it seems amazing since I only put it for 5 minutes... 
maybe it not curl but wavy..??

Yup, after playing with that I face my head back to the PSP and play until my heart is full.

After dinner,
Fingers starts feeling itchy...
I pulled out a few nail polish from my drawer and start painting them~

These are my four "models"~ I  love them, and that is why I bought them!

After hours of waiting and painting... finally....

The right looks like this........ well I am not a pro so I do it for fun

And this is the left. Well I am right handed girl.... so I have problem dealing with my left hand as if that hand is not mine!!! But it did came out... ok I guess?

Sigh~ I wanted Hanie to do manicure for me one day since she learn it and she really do have the potential with it. 
And all her nail art are all impressive ~~ 
Ahh~ I am so envy~

Umm I guess that's for today~

Bye Bye!

てんし休みの日常( Day 3) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 3)*

Ahhh~ Today slightly late for my post, but this proves that i am not lazy right~! RIGHT!!!!
Hahaha~ All right, was I did today was having shopping trip with my friend Ky li.
The motive of today's trip is to celebrate the finally over of our exam and also strengthen our bond. * though sometimes best friends still have some misunderstanding* 

And this is my coordination for today.

I go with a simple knit strips top and a short jean. 

We had our trip in Mid Valley and The Gardens, but due to my lateness we didn't really shop as much as we aspect.
Having mental fight with my mom because she acted like a boss this morning, before we left the house. And I should have know that I shouldn't do that to her because she's my mom, and I only have one mom.........
I told myself that I HAVE TO RESPECT HER NO MATTER WHAT!! And I did! ( which cause me to be late for my outing ....)
I got pretty tired myself, after "debating" with my mom, but surprisingly she was happy...

After that, we got into Mid Valley i called Ky li to meet up and that's where everything begin.
Well since is already around afternoon by the time I reach there, so we straight away have lunch after my arrival.

Hokaiido. The restaurant where we have our lunch.
I ordered Shoyu Ramen, since I have been carving ramen for quite sometime....

My Shoyu Ramen looks like this~~

I didn't took photo of what Ky Li took since I have forgotten and she doesn't mind take it at all....
But never mind, she had Potato croquette * which is very mushy~ and sweet * and curry omurice.

Then after lunch we headed to a CD shop to hunt some Anime CD, but it seems that didn't have much of the variety since I have almost all of them and the rest just doesn't really interest me...
Ky Li hunt down one which is Hataraku Maou Sama! I myself like this anime too since is like a comedy drama~

The first things I went is Manga section, because I was desperately looking for this volume of Aoi no Exorcist!!

I am SUPER happy after I found it!! Which I thought I will never EVER see it AGAIN!!!! 
And now I feel like accomplished something important!

This is how's looks like before!

And now......


Not only that, Book 2!! SPOTTED! 

My eyes are just too good sometimes, just when I gonna give up looking for Book 2 it just popped out in front of me............

Then next stop Forever 21 * even I am not 21 yet...*
Over there I bought accessories- (rings) 
Cause I got bored with the old ones, so I feel like I need something new.

These are what I got for myself~ And they're not as pricey as I think it would be..

Happily choosing in there Ky li got what she wants, then heads to our next stop!


I didn't really bought much of the things but I did bought something anyway haha...

Is a hair curling items, though it was out long long time ago but I decided to give it a try.
But Ky li laugh at my idea of having a curl or wavy hair and said that I can always starts with the strawberries, because she said she had a image that I will looks like those "Ajumaa" (aunty)  in the Korean drama.  
You will never know how's gonna looks like unless you have tried it!

Lastly, before I head home is a must to pay visit to Speedy because is like a tradition to me to buy at least CD before I go. 
And so I did. I did bought a CD.

Otome Youkai Zakuro.

It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calender has just come into effect. The fox-eared girl living in the youkai part of the town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro's strong personality collides with human sensibilities?

*And that's what the synopsis said.....* 

After speedy, we went and meet up with my mom..... 
And that's the time we part away.......... that sounds kinda wrong but is just I have to go home early and so Ky li was left alone to shop by herself that's all..
I hope she wasn't lonely while I was not there.... and that's what I thought.. ( But i can't do anything..) 
So I just rest in the car and went to Lala land.

These are the total stuff that I bought for today~

Yup~ Feeling like Youth is coming~~~
And that's for today! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 2) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 2)*

As for today, I did nothing much since the weather is dull which makes me feel very sluggish = LAZY ~

It can't be help right, and is not that I wanted to be so lazy anyway~

The day was never bright since morning till now, Mom left me and my sis at home during morning time because she has a gathering- ( which she so called "yam cha" "having tea") with our old neighbors.

She takes the trouble to call me to just to tell me to take care of my sis when she's out. ( Buuhh of course~, who's else can take care of her anyway...).

After bathing and all me and my sis went downstairs and it was dark,we start having wild imagination that it looks like a crime scene that we saw in the TV and we acted like those investigators in the show. And only I realize we looks like an idoit...

After having all the silly fun, I went and prepare breakfast. I spread butter garlic paste on my bread and top it with cheese, then I realize that I can add tomato sauce * cause i like it!!!* . Then I head back to the fridge and get the sauce, but..... I SEE NO TOMATO SAUCE!!!!! I freak out because my house never runs out of tomato sauce because my mom will refill back the stock! Then I desperately looking for the container where mom used to put all the packet sauce we got it from the fast food shop. AND I FOUND IT!!

BUT ALL I HAVE ARE CHILI!!!! I am so disappointed, and now I know how stingy are the fast food shop were....which they only give chili but not tomato.....
So i just stuff my bread into the oven and feeling irradiated ..... 
Luckily the bread did came out well in the end and i am happy with it.

Though it doesn't look nice but it definitely taste nice.

Breakfast's done! Now book time!! 


I don't think this book have anything do with education, but it does bring be back all the kid's time memories!! 
I giggled quite lot because some of them are quite true and I remembered I did those before.

What reminds me the most is when he talk about School Spirits. 
He said that he would hear all kinds of ghost stories in school. Especially the one in the toilet.

Yes..... the toilet spirit is scary... I remember my primary classmates told me about it,that there will be a woman head dangling at the top of the last cubicle since there's a hole over there..... I was terrified and never dare to look up the empty spot on the top cause I scared that there will be a woman staring at me or a head dangling there!! So normally I will hold my urine till break so that we can go in a bunch, but if I take a trip to toilet myself during class, I will always avoid the last cubicle. But there was once I heard something creak and I thought is just someone came in, so by the time i step out..... I see no one.... and that's the time I didn't wash my hand and RUNS back to my classroom!!!!

............yes...... I was too afraid till I have forgotten to wash my hand... 
Is so embarrassing to even think about it..

Later, I feel like painting my toe nails.
And I did summer color since the day is so dull.


*the pattern wasn't very nice but I just like it cause it simple to draw~!*

Yup, and that conclude my post from today~! Bye Bye~

Monday, September 9, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 1) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 1)*

pheeww~ i finally pass my hectic exam week and now into my holiday mood!

As i said before, i will continue blogging after my exam is over and now I FINALLY RETURN!

So from now my holiday starts, I will start this section called てんし休みの日常 (Tenshi yasumi no nichijou).

Is mostly based on what I do everyday during my holiday, and I would like to see this blog survive again haha.

I can't really do much of facial product review like my friends did due to my skin issue, and also I dun really use much of different product haha....

So I hope that posting what I do during my holidays might be a better choice~

Ok, So what did today was playing with my wiggy~

This wiggy is a wiggy I treasure the most cause is one of a present that my friends gave me as birthday present~

This was meant for my Levy cosplay, but i just put on and snap a few picture of it~

Well, as you can see i am a lazy bum. I did no make up but a fake eyelashes and lip gloss. * well I lazy for the after work of course  and also because I just wanna play with the wig that's all*

Ummm... and I kinda get a hold on using the timer since I don't want every picture to look like as if I really camwhore which I am doing a camwhore..

(nan desu ka?)

* i love this socks the most!!*

(I wanna go out too....)
* I am quite satisfied with this timer shot~*

*timer snap too*


And i will conclude the post with this last photo~

Bye Bye~~