Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Am I doing???

Mina~ Genki desuka? Well, Watashi wa genki desu~ Hahahaha~ 2013 huh...... who knows time really flies when we're having fun don't they. To be honest, this the first blog post i post for this year. This time i am tell the truth!!! i don't know what am i gonna post....... after Comic Fiesta i feel like my life become....kinda bored.... maybe not bored..... is like that i have no aim for this year....Though i am kinda happy when i enroll to my new college~ I was the last to decide my future path but i think i am the most fastest to choose my college~ I am so proud of myself!! Ekekekeke~ Besides~ i am also happy that i enroll into the same college as my friend! Um.... she is not actually my friend...........but MA BEST FRIEND- KY LI CHAN~!!! We had been the same school since primary!!! Hahaha
Syashin~ Syashin~ Our first day of college~ eye bags are really a problem eh..... anyway life is like roller coaster now! Is like I am one step closer to the society~ Nowadays busy discussing our very own fan-fiction with "Ma best friend" I hope i can come out a nice cover for my fan-fiction~ Hmm...... i have all the idea and all the stuff.... if there is a projector for the brain... hehehe let's just look forward to the outcome alright~ Okay i think i will stop here for today~ Oyasumi~ Mina san~