Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Anime Marathon

Is been a while again I guess. Every since year 2013, I didn't really update much of my blog. Which I have been telling myself to update if i have the time, but it seems that the mood is much more important than the time. I feel kinda bad since I am really not updating anything even though I had ask my reader to support my blog. Oh well, at least now I am doing some updating~ My college started long time ago and now I am starting my brand new semester which I think i have much more free time. Even though I said that I have free time, I can't really see I am completing something that which I thought it suppose to be complete. For example: watching anime, having photo-shoot, friends gathering and all. Out of all of these nothing is complete. But this time I will talk about more on the anime I wanted watch, and also which I haven't watch yet.


Well, is a story based on normal high school life i guess. It looks kinda nice so I really want to watch it as soon as possible.


Next, Karneval
With all the handsome guy~ How could u not resist to watch it!!! Not just about handsome guys too, there are some mysterious in there too so please don't misunderstands me!


 Shingeki no Kyojin
 Based on Giant vs Titian I guess. Is pretty hit on the net now, and my curiosity is burning in me thanks to this show.


At last but not least, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
This anime series based on the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 video game by ATLUS!!! Oh I like those game that produce by Atlus~ They are amazing~ Of course their show are mainly based on summoning. Yea~ And I like summoning like show~

Yup, that is my so far incomplete task~ I WILL try and blog more often. So please do so support my blog and do continue reading it~ Thank you~