Saturday, June 22, 2013

C2Age Slam 2013

This year's C2Age Slam was having it in HELP CAT College, which is the current college that I am studying~  It was quite a success, but I find it they should improve more. I find it quite troublesome because we have we have to climb all the way up to Doujin part or to the balcony.I bet cosplayers with heavy weapons or with complicated outfit must find it hard to move over the escalator. But so far is a nice convention Me and my fellow cosplayers had enjoyed our Day 1 and Day 2 over there.

Day 1

Well, i was slightly shock with the crowds around the entrance of the college. Camera can was crazy snapping photo all over the place. BUT IT WAS SO COOL!!!!! Everyone is so hyper ( including ME ). I finally get to meet up with Hanie~ which we had been apart for a few months ahaha~ Hanie did Ririchiyo from Inu × Boku SS 妖狐×僕SS. She said that she didn't spot any Ririchiyo yet in the early morning but I told her that " Maybe some are still on their bed O////.//////O" . Uh huh~  Then later Ky li's sister came, she dress as a little " Blue Riding Hood"

Ahaha~ Isn't that cute~

We waited long for the cosplay competition........ All of us was starving...waiting.....and waiting and waiting..........
Finally....... they started announcing something.. " Will all the people participate in the Sushi eating competition please gather around this area"  
All of us was like....( Flip the table!!!!!) * just joking~ And we decided to have our lunch first. 

Lunch time Syashin~

Ahhhh~ our lunch.... Snack= Lunch!!!!!! Apple Juice= LUNCH!!!!!!!!! yea that's for our lunch~ 
After that, we went down and take a nice seat which have GREAT view to watch the competition.

The judges and the contestants. (I didn't have much nice pictures for the contestant.

I think I should round up for Day 1 here.

Day 2 

Basically, more on photo shoot. I did my Levy cosplay again~ Ahaha~

Ky Li's as Lucy of course~

Yea i have to thanks Razrig to help me did a splendid photo shoot.

Hehehe~ Isn't this titian amazing!!!!

Pokemon~ any childhood memories??

And i will conclude my post here~ 
Please do look forward to my next post~!!