Monday, September 9, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 1) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 1)*

pheeww~ i finally pass my hectic exam week and now into my holiday mood!

As i said before, i will continue blogging after my exam is over and now I FINALLY RETURN!

So from now my holiday starts, I will start this section called てんし休みの日常 (Tenshi yasumi no nichijou).

Is mostly based on what I do everyday during my holiday, and I would like to see this blog survive again haha.

I can't really do much of facial product review like my friends did due to my skin issue, and also I dun really use much of different product haha....

So I hope that posting what I do during my holidays might be a better choice~

Ok, So what did today was playing with my wiggy~

This wiggy is a wiggy I treasure the most cause is one of a present that my friends gave me as birthday present~

This was meant for my Levy cosplay, but i just put on and snap a few picture of it~

Well, as you can see i am a lazy bum. I did no make up but a fake eyelashes and lip gloss. * well I lazy for the after work of course  and also because I just wanna play with the wig that's all*

Ummm... and I kinda get a hold on using the timer since I don't want every picture to look like as if I really camwhore which I am doing a camwhore..

(nan desu ka?)

* i love this socks the most!!*

(I wanna go out too....)
* I am quite satisfied with this timer shot~*

*timer snap too*


And i will conclude the post with this last photo~

Bye Bye~~


  1. Love the pictures at the window! <3

    1. Thank you~~Timer shot is awesome sometimes~ hehe~

  2. The dark silhouette one near the curtains is so mysterious~~~don't cha think so???