Tuesday, September 10, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 2) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 2)*

As for today, I did nothing much since the weather is dull which makes me feel very sluggish = LAZY ~

It can't be help right, and is not that I wanted to be so lazy anyway~

The day was never bright since morning till now, Mom left me and my sis at home during morning time because she has a gathering- ( which she so called "yam cha" "having tea") with our old neighbors.

She takes the trouble to call me to just to tell me to take care of my sis when she's out. ( Buuhh of course~, who's else can take care of her anyway...).

After bathing and all me and my sis went downstairs and it was dark,we start having wild imagination that it looks like a crime scene that we saw in the TV and we acted like those investigators in the show. And only I realize we looks like an idoit...

After having all the silly fun, I went and prepare breakfast. I spread butter garlic paste on my bread and top it with cheese, then I realize that I can add tomato sauce * cause i like it!!!* . Then I head back to the fridge and get the sauce, but..... I SEE NO TOMATO SAUCE!!!!! I freak out because my house never runs out of tomato sauce because my mom will refill back the stock! Then I desperately looking for the container where mom used to put all the packet sauce we got it from the fast food shop. AND I FOUND IT!!

BUT ALL I HAVE ARE CHILI!!!! I am so disappointed, and now I know how stingy are the fast food shop were....which they only give chili but not tomato.....
So i just stuff my bread into the oven and feeling irradiated ..... 
Luckily the bread did came out well in the end and i am happy with it.

Though it doesn't look nice but it definitely taste nice.

Breakfast's done! Now book time!! 


I don't think this book have anything do with education, but it does bring be back all the kid's time memories!! 
I giggled quite lot because some of them are quite true and I remembered I did those before.

What reminds me the most is when he talk about School Spirits. 
He said that he would hear all kinds of ghost stories in school. Especially the one in the toilet.

Yes..... the toilet spirit is scary... I remember my primary classmates told me about it,that there will be a woman head dangling at the top of the last cubicle since there's a hole over there..... I was terrified and never dare to look up the empty spot on the top cause I scared that there will be a woman staring at me or a head dangling there!! So normally I will hold my urine till break so that we can go in a bunch, but if I take a trip to toilet myself during class, I will always avoid the last cubicle. But there was once I heard something creak and I thought is just someone came in, so by the time i step out..... I see no one.... and that's the time I didn't wash my hand and RUNS back to my classroom!!!!

............yes...... I was too afraid till I have forgotten to wash my hand... 
Is so embarrassing to even think about it..

Later, I feel like painting my toe nails.
And I did summer color since the day is so dull.


*the pattern wasn't very nice but I just like it cause it simple to draw~!*

Yup, and that conclude my post from today~! Bye Bye~