Thursday, September 12, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 3) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 3)*

Ahhh~ Today slightly late for my post, but this proves that i am not lazy right~! RIGHT!!!!
Hahaha~ All right, was I did today was having shopping trip with my friend Ky li.
The motive of today's trip is to celebrate the finally over of our exam and also strengthen our bond. * though sometimes best friends still have some misunderstanding* 

And this is my coordination for today.

I go with a simple knit strips top and a short jean. 

We had our trip in Mid Valley and The Gardens, but due to my lateness we didn't really shop as much as we aspect.
Having mental fight with my mom because she acted like a boss this morning, before we left the house. And I should have know that I shouldn't do that to her because she's my mom, and I only have one mom.........
I told myself that I HAVE TO RESPECT HER NO MATTER WHAT!! And I did! ( which cause me to be late for my outing ....)
I got pretty tired myself, after "debating" with my mom, but surprisingly she was happy...

After that, we got into Mid Valley i called Ky li to meet up and that's where everything begin.
Well since is already around afternoon by the time I reach there, so we straight away have lunch after my arrival.

Hokaiido. The restaurant where we have our lunch.
I ordered Shoyu Ramen, since I have been carving ramen for quite sometime....

My Shoyu Ramen looks like this~~

I didn't took photo of what Ky Li took since I have forgotten and she doesn't mind take it at all....
But never mind, she had Potato croquette * which is very mushy~ and sweet * and curry omurice.

Then after lunch we headed to a CD shop to hunt some Anime CD, but it seems that didn't have much of the variety since I have almost all of them and the rest just doesn't really interest me...
Ky Li hunt down one which is Hataraku Maou Sama! I myself like this anime too since is like a comedy drama~

The first things I went is Manga section, because I was desperately looking for this volume of Aoi no Exorcist!!

I am SUPER happy after I found it!! Which I thought I will never EVER see it AGAIN!!!! 
And now I feel like accomplished something important!

This is how's looks like before!

And now......


Not only that, Book 2!! SPOTTED! 

My eyes are just too good sometimes, just when I gonna give up looking for Book 2 it just popped out in front of me............

Then next stop Forever 21 * even I am not 21 yet...*
Over there I bought accessories- (rings) 
Cause I got bored with the old ones, so I feel like I need something new.

These are what I got for myself~ And they're not as pricey as I think it would be..

Happily choosing in there Ky li got what she wants, then heads to our next stop!


I didn't really bought much of the things but I did bought something anyway haha...

Is a hair curling items, though it was out long long time ago but I decided to give it a try.
But Ky li laugh at my idea of having a curl or wavy hair and said that I can always starts with the strawberries, because she said she had a image that I will looks like those "Ajumaa" (aunty)  in the Korean drama.  
You will never know how's gonna looks like unless you have tried it!

Lastly, before I head home is a must to pay visit to Speedy because is like a tradition to me to buy at least CD before I go. 
And so I did. I did bought a CD.

Otome Youkai Zakuro.

It's the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calender has just come into effect. The fox-eared girl living in the youkai part of the town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro's strong personality collides with human sensibilities?

*And that's what the synopsis said.....* 

After speedy, we went and meet up with my mom..... 
And that's the time we part away.......... that sounds kinda wrong but is just I have to go home early and so Ky li was left alone to shop by herself that's all..
I hope she wasn't lonely while I was not there.... and that's what I thought.. ( But i can't do anything..) 
So I just rest in the car and went to Lala land.

These are the total stuff that I bought for today~

Yup~ Feeling like Youth is coming~~~
And that's for today! 



  1. I...I...was at midvalley the whole day leh... :(

    1. Ouh u miss all the fun but never mind we still have another outing at another time~!!