Thursday, September 12, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 4) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 4)*

Who know time pass so fast, today already reaching day 4 of my holiday!!!
It seems like this time I didn't regret what I did for my holidays, which not like what happen to my last semester's break, because is all do nothing day.

Not only that,
it seems that my broadband is " hungry".......

And I will start....... saving some of my quota now.. 
* not going so much of  facebook, instagram......or maybe blogging???*

But luckily is gonna be the payment day next week, so I am proud of that.

Alright, lets start with morning.
Had my breakfast...... sit at the couch start watching TV......
And wait for my mom's fridge to deliver..

Well, she was happy with it and I think I should be thanking god for it.

Then time strikes around 3 or 4 pm.
I start playing with my strawberries, since the day is like pretty normal boring day.
And so I start stuffing all strawberries on my hair.

And everything starts from this little strawberry chan.....
imagine I put strawberry seeds on my head and start watering them

They will start growing on my hair and after 6 minutes I am ready to pluck them down.
* but of course u don't eat them..*

So while waiting for it to be done, I started playing my PSP...

Look I even did a camwhore of it...... 
ahaha..... this is weird..

Anyway.... after 6 minutes....
The result is.....

Jyan Jyan........
hmmm...... should I put it longer?
Well it seems amazing since I only put it for 5 minutes... 
maybe it not curl but wavy..??

Yup, after playing with that I face my head back to the PSP and play until my heart is full.

After dinner,
Fingers starts feeling itchy...
I pulled out a few nail polish from my drawer and start painting them~

These are my four "models"~ I  love them, and that is why I bought them!

After hours of waiting and painting... finally....

The right looks like this........ well I am not a pro so I do it for fun

And this is the left. Well I am right handed girl.... so I have problem dealing with my left hand as if that hand is not mine!!! But it did came out... ok I guess?

Sigh~ I wanted Hanie to do manicure for me one day since she learn it and she really do have the potential with it. 
And all her nail art are all impressive ~~ 
Ahh~ I am so envy~

Umm I guess that's for today~

Bye Bye!

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