Saturday, September 14, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 5) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 5)*

Ahh sorry for the delay post..
I know this day 5 post suppose to be yesterday but since I have personal business to do so I decided to post it today.

I am terrible so to my readers! * which I think I don't have much haha*

I am currently in my hometown now, because later all our relatives will be having a gathering dinner so celebrate my grandma's birthday.
And also since I will be back to K.L on either Monday or Tuesday, so I might delay my post until I am back to K.L.

Alright, head to what I did on Friday.
Actually all I did was having movie marathon with my mom and my sis at home.
Since mummy bought me a new hard-disc, all of us was hyper and start download a lot of movies.

HARD-DISC IS OUR GOD!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Nah.... I am just kidding.

We're watching Avengers and The Rise of the Guardians.

But I was thinking if I am a character in Avengers what powers will I have??

I was thinking about having a power to change the elements around the air..... whoooo and electricity too!!!!
And I can create explosion!!!!!
Whee that must be cool.
How about you? What powers would you like to have?

And what if I am a guardian?
What am I gonna be??????
I dunno I will tell you my answers in my next post!!

So please look forward to my next post ya~!

Bye Bye~!

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