Sunday, September 15, 2013

てんし休みの日常( Day 6& 7 half day ) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 6& 7 half day)*

Good Morning~~
Sigh.... I am glad that I am able to blog since now my cousin are not here and the Wifi is all for me to use!!

I am currently still in my hometown as I mention in my last post~

Aright! Yesterday, we had dinner in one of the restaurant which was in the hotel where my uncle stay.
He was lucky because he said he doesn't need to rush and also no need to fight for toilet which we did in Grandma's house.

But never mind that shows how tolerate we are ahaha....

This is how's like when you are the first comer....

The when the food arrive...

I didn't manage to take the rest because everyone is too hungry 
and before I even take the picture they started chow down everything.
They even comment " why still need to take picture?? just eat lah!!!"
I feel so ashamed of that...

while waiting the dish to be serve took picture with my mom~

And my closest cousin!!!!
Aheemmm... well we're together and forever together if I happen to back in home town.
(please do get the wrong idea, we're just close)

But what so funny is he got his reward on his nose after all his trails hehe..
well he gonna face the up coming exam so he have to work double harder!!

So during the dinner, what pissed me of is one of my uncle he keeps on asking me whether I have a boyfriend a not....
And he always ask me every times he sees me.

Uncle X: Hey Kei Kei (my nickname in my hometown)!! When are you gonna bring your boyfriend here?? By this time you should already have a boyfriend already right??? ahahahahaha!!!!
Me: * ......I feel like using a tape and tape his dirty mouth....* Why must I bring my boyfriend huh.. is not really important...
Uncle X: Aiyo!! Why shy shy!! Just bring lah! You are old enough already! Why you afraid of your daddy???
Me: * thermometer in the brain BURST!!!* I have too many boyfriend until the whole bus also cannot fetch them back!! And I don't plan on showing them to you until I have choose one, and if your're so interest why don't you sponsor them and whole LRT and fetch them here?
Uncle X: *speechless....*
Me: (¬_¬")..... 
Uncle: *hurry up and walk away...*

Everyone, please do act like what I did because we have to respect the elder! * although I know that but that's beyond my limit ahaha* 
But I am serious, this is not something you should act towards the elder so please do not mimic ya!!

And I started to gulp down red wine.....
To ease my stress..

And this morning, my grandma acted like a non stop alarm clock just to wake me up for having breakfast with them.
I only had a few hours sleep since my cousin was staying over too and we had so much fun at the midnight...

Day 7.

So when I woke up this morning, I heard them talking about "Bah Kut Teh" ( is a Chinese type of food which they put meat or bones into a herbal soup.... I think?) 
At first I thought those are for our dinner.... but then I realized that...


Meat...meat... MEAT!!!!!!

I am having so much meat in the early morning!!
Is like having steak in the morning..

To me this is interesting, cause I remember when I have " Bah Kut Teh" in K.L, they don't really have the thing in the middle of no where.

Hehehe~ yup that's what I did for my half day of day 7!


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