Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

2013 going to come to an end soon after a few hours, boy I so wish that 2014 never come since I always feel "laggy" writing down the date. As year is increasing my age too is also increasing.... that is a cruel reality that I am having trouble to accept... Everyone will eventually get old I guess so there's nothing much to be sad about. As long I live my 2013 with no regret then there's no need to stick my nose back at the pass instead should look forward and welcome the coming year 2014!

This will be my last post for this year, it sounded so sad but......THERE WILL BE MORE POST NEXT YEAR!  *I hope....

A preview of me.. look back when I didn't touch much of make up last time due to skin problem haha.. but now feeling touch that it has gone way better, I am feeling bless that I get to met with a nice and friendly doctor and that able to cure it.

Then this year cosplay plan on Comic Fiesta 2013.
First day did Amy from Suisei no Gargantia 
My photographer : Hanie (all nice pics come from her)

Really thanks her for taking such a nice picture~
Then as for second day I just did original character.. ahaha I am really lost on portraying this character since I have no idea how she should be. Maybe I should practice..

All the year event had end, so I am really grateful with what I was given and thank you everyone that has been supporting for this year. All the best to the coming year to everyone!  Happy New Year!!!XD

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I guess this is my first time doing some hair do after watching a dancing competition.

Yes~ Yes~ Aye Hasegawa~ From what I know... she's a dancer, choreographer, model and... she's still a student. How I wish I could be like her.. 
But, anyway I like her hair style on the night of Astro Battleground'13 in Malaysia which makes me so want to have that hair style which I would called it " Mickey Mouse" haha... 

I tried to did it on my own hair..... Since now I have a shoulder length hair tying a twin bun isn't much of a problem..... * There isn't much of a problem....* But there still a problem... they look amazingly SMALL!!! T.T 
I didn't give up but I did it in my style haha... Well that hair style in an inspiration anyway~ I still need to work it in my way and the result is!!!

Jyan jyan~ Ahahaha It seems like I grew horns on my head!!!!

Have a SALUTE!!

And some randomness ahahaha *which I don't really do*

Does it suit me??? Hahaha I was a little shock the hair to turn out like this but it seems I should work a little more in my fashion sense hahaha~ 

Okay that's for today then~ Night night~!

てんし休みの日常( Day 7 another half ) * Daily's Life of Tenshi's Holiday (Day 7 another half )*

Opps.. Sorry that I went for a sudden hiatus after my quota reach its limit haha. Now having my so called winter holiday, so I decided to post everything in one shot! But just do get so looking forward as I am going to post about the things I did in the past. Tee hee~

As for what did I do for my another rest of the day for day 7....
WE HAD STEAK *so call steak but is actually just meat*---- !!!! I would said that I really gone fed up with meat... but to survive the rest of the day... we need lunch!!! Lunch+ cousin+ starving= MEAT!!!!.... well since we had left over meat after the barbecue party so me and my cousin decided we should fried the meat!!! And who's gonna do the cooking???? Is obvious, my cousin cause he's a man! * Nahh.. I am just saying* But anyway... I am not really a kitchen person since I was a kid so I don't volunteer myself to it.

Now they're in the wok...

And now they're one the plate, where I am helping them " cleaning the excessive oil" with " oil paper".

And MAN do all the cleaning.

Ahahaha.... well I am just useless in house chores actually so most of the time I would be staring or loitering around or keep on giving excesses haha~ Owh well that makes me, ME! I enjoy my lunch with my cousin but my department came after it. My house is in KL after all, I can't stay there forever right~

Now move to on the way back to KL... okay... the jam is HORRIBLE!! I have never sit in the car for 5 hour plus which normally we take 2 hour and half to reach our place!!! My daddy was so fed up so instead of using the highway he decided to using the so called "old road". "That route is longer but there might be chance that no much of people using that ." Daddy said. But daddy is wrong, because.... there were also people who thinks like daddy too...... there were so many traffic lights and quite amount of people stop to have dinner on their why back... which caused another traffic jam... I am bored so I taking picture while I am in the car and my parents started talking about their past where they used to use the "old road". To be honest, when they told me I went those place before when I was a kid, I seriously have no idea what are they talking about but I still went along with them.

Some old town..

And those are what I took while I was in the car. You can't really see all these historical buildings in the city because.........................* is city???* Owh.. I don't know, I just know I rarely see these types of buildings.
That's all for my adventure to Ipoh and from Ipoh back to KL.

For the rest of the days until my September semester starts...... I actually just stay at home and watch anime and did lots of napping.... which I don't think is appropriate to show my ugly sleeping face. 
Hnnn.... * I guess that's all???* 

Yup!! ahahha... Please look forward for the next post then~!